Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chemo, Radiation and Insta's

The past few days have been busy, busy, busy.
Doctors appointments, kids, friends, paperwork, meetings, phone calls...
Stress, tears, encouragement, laughter, strength, joy... peace.

God has been, and continues to be faithful to us, our immediate requests and needs and our long term ones. He is right here every step of the way... and we draw comfort from that.

Over the past week we have slowly formed a plan of attack on this unwelcome tumor.
We have seen specialist after specialist and then... after just one more... we made a decision.

The Captain will be having radiation treatments in Bloomington with a process called proton therapy... or Gama Knife. (which sounds more awesome)

He will take six weeks of Chemo and radiation together, have a smallish break and then resume chemo treatments for  a year.  Seems like a long road.
Some days I'm ready, some days it's too much.

The other day it was too much... the tumor, the chaos, the kids. At one point both the boys and I were crying. It was a mess. I asked Andy if I could leave for awhile... and not come home til they were in bed. He graciously allowed me to leave. Then I felt guilty for leaving the man with brain cancer to deal with the whiny, needy children.
The guilt was still better then being with the boys. (only kinda kidding)
He is an amazing man.

I had a moment the other day when I was crying nasty, messy tears in the car. It was one of those defining moments where you realize "this is the time to make a decision... keep wallowing and allowing fear to take over... or CHOOSE to trust in Christ, choose to stand on what you know to be true, and no matter what the future holds, know God is already there and He will get you through."  I chose the latter... but it took a few more minutes before the tears stopped. And a few more after that for me to start feeling stronger.
But He was faithful to my obedience in the moment. I chose to obey in trusting Him... and Christ was faithful to comfort, embolden and bring peace.

The Captain and I are traveling to Bloomington today to take the first step toward treatment... a CT scan and a mold of his head will be made. I've decided to think of it as his super hero helmet.

The Captain got a new hat... new hat for a new scar because of a new brain surgery...
Kinda drastic just for a new hat...

The boys are so happy to have their daddy around. Rigg calls Andy's staples his zipper.

It was so amazing having Andy home a day and a half after his surgery. We were just hanging out watching TV like everything was normal. CRAZY!!!

These boys make life fun, challenging, hard, crazy and worth every minute. I have to plan a bit more in advance for their care when we have to be gone for Dr.'s appointments and things... but they are doing well with all the extra play dates.

Ryder is just a bit off. He is hilarious. Goggles? Check! Cape? Check! Super hero underwear on the outside of your pants? Check!
(this one is being saved for the senior book)

The Captain has been keeping up with all your comments. They are a HUGE blessing to us both.

This picture... melts my heart.
every. time.

Even on the worst days, Ryder can always make me smile. It's his gift.

I must have a lot on my mind. The other day, while having lunch with friends, I locked my keys in the van. Officer Nice-Guy helped me break back into it. In the rain. For 40 minutes.
I got to hold the umbrella.
Barb, who took this pic, got to help pry the door open and left just shy of soaked.
Thanks Barb.

 The Captain got de-stapled. He is now zipper free.
Rigg noticed immediately!

Doctors offices and waiting rooms can get a bit boring. So we try and entertain ourselves...
Just an FYI.
Brain've got nothin' on us...
Cause we are brinnin' it!!!


Jillian said...

I wish I could express to you guys how much you both mean to us. Yeah, you're friends of a friend...and we've never lived in the same state. But...we are right alongside of you both throughout all of this. We are covering you in prayer and love seeing these pictures of joy and laughter. May God continue to give you those silly moments and made the bad ones fade away completely.

Ashlee said...

His zipper that's too cute! I hope Rigg wasn't too disappointed now that it's gone.

Praying for you guys.

Boyka said...

So awfully good and consoling to see you both, Cari and Andy,at home, and the little boys happy with their daddy!!! Thank you,Cari, for all the pictures!!!
Praying for you!!!
Love,Boyka, Alexander, Garik

Anonymous said...

Praying for you all! Continually amazed by the strength you and Andy show and knowing that God truly has you in the palm of his hand. Now go kick cancers butt!!

Angel said...

I'm always laughing and crying through your both are so strong, even on the hard days. Kids always seem to bring joy in the unexpected moments. Gotta love the "zipper". So logical! And hello...that raspberry coat leaves me speechless. So cute!

Anonymous said...

Captain and Cari,
I know it is a hard decision to pick a treatment plan. I am so glad that God guided to one that felt right. I know Captain has a long and bumpy road ahead of him. But, God is good all the time. I pray God will protect him and heal him. Cari I pray for your strength, compassion and patience. I know it is hard to care for kids and be a caregiver for your husband. You are right to take time for yourself; you have to! Ryder and Rigg, I pray that God will keep you precious as mommy and daddy fight this battle right now.

Prayers from Texas

Mikki said...

You are both superheroes to me Cari! You're such a terrific model of real faith. I appreciate your honesty so much. Love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love seeing the photos! Makes us all feel connected!


Julie : ) said...

Praying for you Andy. Glad to see you were able to get some good information from the specialists and were able to make a decision. Hugs.

(from Julie and Sherwin)

Anonymous said...

We'll keep praying. Thank you for being so honest about some of the ups and downs. Andy looks great ! Love the "zipper" quote. :)

Anonymous said...

you guys are rockstars! Praying for you guys daily and so grateful for your updates. and those boys....they are Adorable!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome how you guys are handling this! Continuing to pray!

Anonymous said...

I am praying for you Andy. Life sure has dealt you many rough hands but have faith in God because he will see you through. Your boys are adorable and such a blessing. Everyonevis routing for you.