Friday, April 6, 2012

What a difference a day makes

or 3 years.

3 years makes a big difference.

That is why I am so grateful, and happy... thrilled and amazed to tell you it has been three years to the day that the Captain had a massive seizure, that lead to a MRI, that discovered a large tumor.

Today 3 years ago we were scared, worried, sad, tearful, confused and extremely prayerful.

Whenever Easter comes up... in time, thought, or conversation I am always transported back to the Easter of 2009... and the tumor.
Not in a bad way.
I am just always hit with sudden memories and feelings of prayer, family, friends, caring, support... waiting on God and being floored and amazed by Him.
I remember the 2 weeks surrounding the tumor and surgery and how God taught me and grew me in awesome ways... I remember feeling His peace and His comfort.

Easter reminds me of this.

So this year I am going to re-post my entries surrounding this week or so in 2009.  So we can all read and see the mighty hand of God... and be reminded of His Glory.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The tumor
OK, so it was bad news. A brain tumor...

Shall I start at the beginning?

I woke this morning to an earthquake....well, OK, so it wasn't an earthquake, it only felt like one. My husband is a big guy. So I guess it goes to prove if a big guy goes into a seizure he will shake the wahozits (it's a word...) out of the bed. And that is just what happened. Andy was seizing and it was so intense it woke me up. I dove over him, stuck my fingers in his mouth to make sure he was not trying to swallow his tongue ( I have already been informed by a nurse not to stick my fingers in a seizing persons mouth again) when he clamped down hard on them. When I finally got my fingers out of his mouth I called 911.

EMT's and other important medical people arrived in time to help me gain composure and we loaded him up and to the hospital we went. It was a scary few min. Caden never came out of her seizure, so when Andy finally replied to my screams and prodding, I almost collapsed in relief. It took him a full half an hour to fully become the Andy we all know and love. By this time we were firmly planted in the ER...this was 6 am.

They took some blood, scheduled an MRI and whisked him away to the metal tube of doom...(he is very claustrophobic) I went out to the waiting room with all who awaited there. When he was finished with the testing, they admitted him and sent him to a private room for the remainder of his stay.

About lunch time is when we got the news. The MRI showed a very large mass at the front left part of his brain. The neurosurgeon will see us around 5.

We waited until 5...with some friends and family and all the calls to those not able to be there.

Dr. S. came in and told us the best news that can follow the worst news. A brain tumor that is (highly) probably not malignant in a very operable position. Surgery and some meds and we could have a great outcome.

Most people who get these types of tumors have one surgery and that is as normal. The one tricky thing is that this type of tumor looks just like brain although the position of the tumor is good and the Dr is great...there is a risk of not getting it all. If they do not get it all, it could grow back and potentially become malignant.

PLEASE PRAY. I think we might have a couple of days at home before the surgery which is temp. scheduled for Friday. We will know a def. time and date tomorrow.

Pray that they are able to get all of the tumor.
That it is a quick and routine surgery.
For Andy' peace of mind...he hates MRI's and he has to get another one.
Pray for the Dr.'s and nurses.
For my family, peace, comfort and acceptance of Gods will.
I am sorry for the brisk and impersonal feel of this post...I wanted to get the info out...but the day has been long and I am tired. I feel like one of those people who try to balance on the logs rolling them down the river...very off kilter.

Mentally we are doing well. Andy is such an example of a Godly man...I have the most wonderful husband.
I will keep you all posted as best I can.


Lord come quickly .

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Penny said...

What a beautiful story of redemption right here at Easter! Grateful that Andy is doing so well now! I remember reading this~ I found your blog after seeing a prayer request for your family on someone else's blog. It was right after Caden's death. I've been following your journey ever since, so I was here (reading) through Andy's brain surgery. Thanks for sharing it again. Happy Easter, Cari!