Wednesday, April 11, 2012

and let's finish up....

This is going to be the last re-post (of the tumor...not forever, I am sure I can re-post other stuff later!)
I have (enjoyed seems the wrong word) ...(insert appropriate word here) rereading about the Captain's tumor, surgery and recovery. It helped me remember and see Gods awesome provision and comfort with fresh eyes.  It is always a good thing to remember Gods fingerprints on our lives. Remembering makes present and future circumstances easier... because we know where we have already been and what He has brought us through... and we can rest in the knowledge He is faithful... and will ALWAYS be there.

I am just going to provide links to most of the Captain's recovery posts and one link to all of April of 2009 if you care to go back and reread.

the day after surgery:

the days that followed...

This post reminds me of what I really learned that Easter....

What have you remembered about God's faithfulness this year?  I would love to read about it!

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