Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter... and remembering

As I said before, Easter now not only reminds me of Christ and His awesome work on the cross... His resurrection and my salvation through faith...
but it also hearkens me back to April of 2009 and the trial of a brain tumor.

as promised I am going to re-post about Andy.


April 9th 2009

Info and prayer

OK folks.

News, not hot off the presses, but off of them just the same.

If you already know this, just skim and pray and leave a comment if you wanna.

Andy has a brain tumor located of the left side toward the frontal lobe.
He is going to have brain surgery Friday.An MRI is scheduled for 6 am with surgery following at 9 am.
After surgery he will be in ICU for at least 24 hours.
If all goes well in ICU he will then be transferred to a normal room for another 24 hours.
If he is responding normally and doing well, he will be sent home.
Check ups in a week or 2. Then routine follow-up appointments at intervals of 3 months to 6 months.
Andy is not able to drive for the next few months (we have heard everything for 3 mo. to a year)
He will be on anti-seizure meds for 9 mo to forever...

Specific prayer requests are:
Since the tumor looks like brain matter...that they are able to get all of the tumor and none of his brain.
That they miss any close sections of brain ( a motor strip that controls the right side of his body as well as a section that controls speech.)
The Dr.'s would be well rested and alert.
The equipment would be working well ( most of the surgery depends on a computer)
The recovery would be excellent so we could go home soon. (Andy hates the hospital and says "it makes me feel like a caged rat to be here.")
There would be no need for physical therapy of any kind when we are done.
Peace of mind for me and my family(s)

If you have verses that you are applying to any of these requests I wold love to know what they are.
Thank you all for your prayers and requests to help. I love you. I am so very blessed. I am in need of nothing, but if I am I PROMISE to call one of the 12,957 people who asked to help.

more later.

 Easter!  2012

And then there was Easter 2012. It was great, with family, egg hunts, and more ham then I could dream
of. And cadbury cream eggs... I love those things!!!
and I only had a couple...
or 6
whatever... who's counting.

Rigg hunted for eggs like it was his job. Once he learned that m&m's could be hidden in the depths of a shiny plastic egg...he was on it!

Ryder just liked being outside...

So Rigg picked up Ryder's slack...

And the Captain picked up the run-away Ryder...

and even though Ryder had no idea what all the fuss was about, he enjoyed the eggs filled with goldfish.

and he will never know I ate his chocolate bunny...


Lindsey said...

I ate a chocolate covered marshmallow egg out of the kids' loot today. I then ate another, another, and another. I then decided it would be better to eat all of them out so that they wouldn't know that they were there to begin with. Good plan?! Love the picture of Rigg holding both baskets. What a good big brother!:)

Lindsay said...
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