Tuesday, April 10, 2012

a heavy day (3 years ago)

April 10th is a day that means something to me.
It is my parents wedding anniversary (36 years today!!)
And it is the anniversary of the Captain's brain surgery.

3 years ago today was Good Friday... and the day they cut open my husbands head and removed a tumor.
What follows are my original posts from that day, April 10th 2009.
I am re-posting to look back and remember some of the awesome and miraculous things God has done.
Read and be amazed with me...

there are 3 separate posts from that same day.


Andy's surgery update
Andy and I woke up this morning about 5. He slept very well, I know because I watched him. Do not worry, I will sleep later.

He is doing well, just a little nervous. I could tell because he was chattier than normal. They took him for his MRI about 7. He asked for some sedation(because he hates the MRI) they said it was too late...it would not start to work until he as almost done. So, he sucked it up became very brave and went in with no sedation. They did give him some cool goggles to wear and watch some ESPN. He said that makes it tolerable.

He was in good spirits, quite calm, which I chalk up to so much prayer. Last night we had a prayer meeting at church. About 70 -80 people showed up for over and hour of prayer specifically for Andy and they surgery today....It was so encouraging.

So they finally took him away for surgery about 9:15 or 9:30ish. They say about 3 hours or so.

Please continue to pray. For specifics scroll down to my previous post and read them there. Today will be long, but I will try to update as much as possible.

Update On Andy

Andy is out of surgery and doing well. The Dr. said the navigation system worked perfectly and they were able to remove all of the tumor. (they think) The Dr. said he would call it a gross total resection. He sent samples to IU and we should know more in a couple weeks. Andy will get his staples out in 10 -14 days as well as have a head CT in the morning an an MRI within 24 hours.

He is waking up. His left side is moving fine but his right side is a little weak. The Dr. said not to worry or panic, sometimes just working in that area stuns the brain and it will take awhile for it to catch up....maybe a couple of days. So please pray that the right side of Andy's body catches up in movement and strength so no therapy would be necessary. As well as his speech would be fine...he understands everything the Dr. is saying but is not talking himself...pray for that too.

I have not been able to see him yet, but hopefully will be able to in an hour or so. He is being prepped to be moved to ICU.
More later.

Before I fall over from exhaustion

I am tired...TIRED.

I am home, just got here and feel very guilty I am not at Andy's bedside. I know there is nothing I can do but stare at him...like that is doing any good...and I need my rest. if not for me, for Rigg. So here I am. This has been the hardest part of the day...trusting God to take care of him overnight while I am away.
Easier said than done.

Wait on the Lord...Trust.

I am trying. But I had to force myself.

It was very hard to see Andy after his surgery. He is still not shaken the "knock-out" meds. He is very groggy and when we saw him earlier he was not moving the right side of his body or talking. Since then they have given him a CT scan (came back great) and his Dr. came back to check him.

He passed with flying colors...well, sorts. He griped with his right hand, held u 2 fingers with is right hand and wiggled his right toes. He also raised his right leg and whispered his name.
It is so hard to see such a big guy, a strong guy, my superman...so weak and incoherent. I sat in his room and cried for awhile. I think it was the relief as well as the reality of it all setting in. We have hit the ground running and been living warp speed since Tuesday morning. This was the first time I have to process everything that is going on.

I want to walk into his room and have him sit up and chat with me...and it takes a lot of effort to even get him to open his eyes.



Please continue to pray...by the way, INCREDIBLY overwhelmed by the number of comments and people praying. We are so blessed....but now that I have your attention....let us continue to petition the Lord on High with requests. Let's be specific and use scripture...what God has already said, we can count as done.
Specifically you can pray that Andy's recovery would continue to progress. That he would shake the "knock-out" meds and wake up. That he would continue to gain strength in his right side and would start to speak.
That all throughout he night God would cradle Andy and watch over him.
That I would be calm and peaceful and be able to sleep, for me and the baby.
Thank you so much brothers and sisters in Christ...one day I will get to thank you face to face. But until that day, let us join together as one body and worship the Lord.

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