Monday, November 28, 2011

a party for Charlie

Let me guess, you're thinking... "A party for Charlie... What about Thanksgiving?" 

Well I had a wonderful Thanksgiving... gorged myself silly and enjoyed every minute.
I just took no pictures...
So, that's why I am not blogging about it...

My sister and her family came into town from California.
She brought Charlie... my favorite niece, for the next few months anyway..until Sara (my sister) has her second child, another girl... then I will have 2 favorite nieces...

And it was Charlies birthday.
Her1st one.
And I got to plan it.
Right down to her outfit.

I had fun.
Too much.

It was splendid.

and to make up for my lack of photos regarding Thanksgiving...
I took about 900 of Charlies 1st birthday party.( I am a fabulous Aunt!... and humble...)

So feast your eyes inter-webby friends, and revel in the awesomeness that is
Charlie and her1st birthday party!

I decided to do a Candy Land theme. Cute, girly, bright.. CANDY!!! Need I say more? I love the picture on the bottom right... such a girly table and 3 boys chowing down on cake...

How cute is she?!?!?!? 

Charlie likes being the center of attention...she gets that from a certain fabulous aunt...

It was a great night of family and friends, cake, pink, presents and small people (kiddos).  I am so happy Sara, Ryan and Charlie were able to come into town... and let me plan a girly birthday party.
It. was. Awesome.
yet, it made me realize... Ryder turns 1 in 7 weeks... and I have not put 1 thought into his birthday...EEEK!

I have some planning to do!


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I love the Candy Land theme. May have to use that next year. Can't wait to see what you put together for Ryder. Charlie is too cute!

Julie : ) said...

good choice on the outfit!

Boyka said...

A real feast for the eyes - Charlieq the little princessq and the three boys so busy with the cake!(Ryder looks so self-dependant, like a big,big boy!)

Heidi Stone Photography said...

What?! How did I miss the pregnancy news?? That's great!