Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ryder { 9 & 10 months }

The Captain has just informed me that, although I am posting about Ryder's 9th and 10th month of life, he will in fact be 11 months old in 9 days time. Thus telling me, in not so many words... that I am incredibly, way-far behind. 

My response? A long steady, piercing look at the Captain and the words "I do not see you picking up a camera to capture the wonder and majesty of Ryder's fleeting infancy."

A false wounded look and a slight chuckle were his only responses...

Far behind or no...  I did take pictures of Ryder to chronicle his 9th and 10th month.... I have just been a bit lax in posting them on time.

Better late then never... right?

~ 9 months ~

At his 9 month check-up, Ryder weighed in at a whopping 24 lbs. Which puts him in the 85%. His height was 31 inches, proving to all the world that he is a big 'un and landing solidly in the 95%.

At 9 months Ryder could crawl well. Pull up on anything... even solid walls, and cruise around the furniture.

He follows Rigg everywhere. And reaches and grabs for anything in his big brother's grasp.

He started saying mama and dada with more consistency around each of us... and learned to clap.

As for personality... This kid is loud, demanding, smiley, unafraid, cuddly and absolutely on the move all the time. He is both delightful and infuriating depending on the day and circumstances.

~ 10 months ~

At 10 months Ryder is EVERYWHERE.

He is not only cruising, but reaching and walking from one piece of furniture to another.

He is SO smiley and giggly. He laughs all the time and LOVES to be tossed and thrown around.

He walks really well behind a toy walker or holding your hands. He needs help turning the walker around or getting it unstuck... how is it that such small people can get a toy crammed into such tight spaces?

His newest trick is walking with only holding on to one of your hands.... He is so close to doing it himself... He forgets that he cannot yet walk unaided. He will be standing next to the couch, see a toy or person across the room he wants, turn and take a huge step in its direction just to immediately crumple under the weight and wobbliness of his own legs... completely unfazed.

Just yesterday he took his first un-aided step. He promptly fell flat on his pudgy face, but it was definitely a step.

Ryder's favorite toys are balls of any kind. He loves to play catch or just throw them around and chase them himself.

He loves being entertained... but when he is done... he is done.

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Boyka said...

Lovely,lovely!!!Our little boy is growing so fast! To our delight!!! Thank you for the wonderful pictures,Cari!