Monday, December 5, 2011

Crafty... pass and fail

I am a project person.

I love me a good project.

I love it even more when I finish a project.

Lately, I have been up to a few crafty things. Not anything really huge...but small changes make a girl just as happy as big ones...if done correctly.

# 1. A couple months ago I got some fun boots. Now, being the Pinteresting girl I am... I saw all kinds of fun socks and tights to wear with my new fun boots.

1 Problem... husband has no job = Cari buys no superfluous items.
Fun socks are a superfluous item.
Sad day.

Or is it.

Here is a pic of me and Sara (my sister) from when she was in town. We are feeding the littles... and I am wearing fun boots... and if you will notice, some fun boot socks. ( I have provided an arrow for precise sock tracking.) (you're welcome.)
(are you tired of the parenthesis?)(parenthesis's?)(parenthesi?)
back to my socks...

Not really a big deal. Just some cream colored boot socks.

I know! You just about fell out of your chair at my genius, right?
Me too!
I just cut off the sleeves and pulled the cuffs up my legs. 
No "foot" part. My feet would sweat right off my legs if I had socks that warm on...
Crafty #1 - boot socks. PASS.

# 2. Getting ready for Christmas.
I know... It looks the same as last year...
and the year before...
and the year before (of which I have no pictures...).

But it is pretty, dang it!
and I carved out some precious time to get that bad boy up there.
Crafty # 2 - Christmas mantle. Always a PASS.

# 3. Now that we are all in the Christmas spirit... I will show you my new wreath.

Yeah... I made it. Your impressed, right?
Cause it is pretty.
With the soft cream yarn and the fun felt flowers.
Lauren and I had a craft day... we did them together... and chatted and laughed and ate soup and grilled cheese. It was fun.

And I got to come home with this! Which I promptly hung on my door and proclaimed loudly to the boys, "Christmas is coming!"
All because of my new pretty, felt-y Christmas wreath.
Crafty # 3 - Christmas wreath. SUPER PASS.

# 4. I have a long story about my dinning room wall. And interestingly enough it also has to do with my fun boots. I would say "long story short" and just show you the wall... but what fun is the final product without a long, drawn-out background story?

So when I put this up in my living room. I used frames that were in my dinning room. Now that those frames had been repurposed... I was in need of some thing for the dinning room wall.
So I bought a LOOOONG, wide, shelf and I was going to place frames on the shelf, overlapping and looking all Pottery Barn.
And I spent the ENTIRE day trying to hang the shelf.
Because our house is 742 years old, we have plaster...not drywall. So the mounting brackets that come with the shelf don't really work. I had to drill BIG, BAD holes in my wall. 4 of them. HUGE! Took up the whole wall.
Then the shelf would not hang.
The "flush" bracket on the back of the shelf was not flush.
nope... it was very un-flush.
1 trip back to the store.
57 trips up and down the shelf isle.
0 shelf's in the right size.
1 stressed out, on the verge of tears Cari.
So what did I do?
Bought boots instead, and just hung pictures over the holes.
Good story, right?
Maybe, if your lucky, I will tell it again later...

So my wall.

Turned out nice. Still need to replace the top middle pictures (from our wedding) with one of Ryder...poor kid.

I made the middle print and the 2 long ones.

The middle one is my favorite.

It is The Captain's birthday, my birthday, our anniversary, Caden's birthday, Rigg's birthday and then Ryder's birthday.
about 3 hours after I finished, as I was basking in the glow of my finished product, I looked over and my heart sunk. (sank? sinked? (just kidding about that last one! :))
Dang it, if I didn't get Rigg's birthday wrong.
He was born in "09...not "10.
I still have yet to fix it... poor Rigg.
 Crafty # 4 - Photo wall...PASS... and FAIL.


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I was going to tell you I loved your boots and your sweater "socks" too at church on Sunday but I didn't get time. And I LOVE the yarn wreath with the felt flowers. Love it!

Rebecca said...

I love these crafts! :) Great work! Are you doing your prints with a cricket? what is your method??? :) They are awesome!

Lindsey said...

I really liked the special dates masterpiece. The practical side of me immediately thought...but what if she has another baby? The added date would make it off centered. But then I remembered whose wall it was hanging then you are sure to have a totally new Crafty Project #??? mounted on your wall. :) YOU ARE TALENTED!!

Julie : ) said...

beautiful - glad you realized ryder wasn't present on the I was reading I was like, "HEY! NO RYDER!!!!" but then you noticed. :) Nice work oh crafty one! changes lives.

linda said...

i love, love, love the prints!!! you should sell them--they are beautiful!!! i love the look of them and have no clue how to make them. and i get the wrong date...mommy brains are a whole other beast!
:) linda

cmeandthree said...

I love your crafts! I especially love the dining room wall and your prints! I am all over that special dates print! How did you make it. You should sell them. I've not seen this before but maybe I'll check on Pinterest. Super cute idea!!

Stacey said...

I, too, love the prints and the Christmas wreath! I went ahead and pinned them for future reference :) You are very talented!