Saturday, November 19, 2011

the everyday crazy


Remember me? I used to blog here regularly.
Or, at least, semi-regularly.

I now post new and exciting run of the mill, ordinary things all nilly-willy in hopes that maybe someone besides my mom will read.

There is no big, important reason for my big lapse of inter-webby silence... just life, you know?
It got a bit crazy.
and busy,
and maybe a tish bit overwhelming...
but really... that's just life.
And when life gets crazy, busy and slightly overwhelming, sometimes you drop a ball or two (or 9).

What's been going on, you ask?
Well... since you asked...

colds, teething, laundry, some fun side projects, my Grandma had heart surgery, laundry, dishes, feeding kids, changing kids, bathing kids, laundry, getting sucked into a couple of books I couldn't put down , and a big change in our family schedule.
Why the big change? Well 2 reasons. Reason A) is because the Captain is helping coach a local HS basketball team and practices are in the evenings... so no daddy at home. Reason B) is  the Captain lost his job... So now he is home all day, thus disrupting my groove.

see...crazy, busy, tish bit

However, it has not kept me from being a mama to my precious, loud, energetic and messy boys.

Lately, we have been enjoying 2 new and entertaining ways to pass the time.

#1. The tunnel.
For his 1st birthday, Rigg received a tent and tunnel from my Aunt.  One of the boys new favorite things is to get the tunnel out and crawl through it, play in it, throw toys down it, look through it, yell in it, and carry it about the house like a dog on a leash.

#2. Playing/Jumping together in the crib.
Both boys love to be in the crib together. Rigg loves the bounce factor and jumps and bounces until I am a bit sea-sick just watching. Ryder is just ecstatic that Rigg is in his crib. So He laughs and giggles at everything Rigg does. And since Rigg mostly jumps, Ryder mostly gets tossed and jumbled about, which he seems to find delightful. Because most of the activity going on in the crib is fast-jumpy-motion...all my pictures are blurry. And though it pains me to put blurry sub-par pictures on my blog, I will suck it up and do it anyway...because you really should see how much fun they is cute, even if it is blurry.

oh... and Ryder got a haircut. And now eats graham crackers.


Bethany said...

Love the crib pictures. When I worked at a pro photo lab, I threw away some pictures I had taken that were blurry. My boss pulled them out of the trash and asked why I threw them away. His comment was take pictures for the memories, not the perfection. I've held on to some great memory pictures and never regretted it.

We'll be praying for Andy's job situation. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Boyka said...

I missed you, all those ten days,and now I am so happy to look at these two gorgeous little faces, to read about your life.
I am so sorry Andy lost his job...I know what it is like, how frustrating and depressing it can be - many of my next of kin, my friends have lost their jobs, my country has been experiencing severe unemplyment lately...May be someone from the church community can help? I'll pray for Andy to find a new job as soon as possible!

Humble wife said...

I came over from a blogger that shared your link. I am with so many words and then lack words at the same time.

As in life I am going to think upon these things I have read. I want to say many things, but first and foremost I wish to say oh I am ever so sorry for the loss of your precious baby. I pray I am not opening sad times and believe that your postings and sharing Him with your trials that I am not. Through your sharing many can and will see the Light of Jesus. One can only have hope and be comforted when they know the Comforter. You are truly a witness for Him an of Him.

I am sorry about my ramblings...and wish to address this post too-perfect comment by Bethany about photos. I love that. Second, your family is lovely and I am reminded of days not too long ago when my babes were we ones. Now they are so old at 16, 18, 19 and 22.

I am praying for your husband that a job perfect for him is around the corner getting everything in order.

Thank you for sharing as I too have Caden in my heart and am blessed to now know her because she had such an amazing momma share with me as well as the world wide web her precious time here.

Warmest Thanksgiving Wishes to You and Yours.


barbara said...

I'm reading here in San Antonio! Thanks for sharing your testimony about your life and family. It truly is an encouragement to those of us you will probably not meet this side of heaven. Keep writing, we need it. Thank you. Barbara