Thursday, November 3, 2011

my grief story

I have needed to do it for awhile.

It was just time consuming...and work... and time...

and I have no time.


I have children...not time.


It is important.


I worked on it.

and now it is done (enough)

I have felt for some time now that my blog needed to be easier to navigate.
Specifically for those directed here to read about Caden... and loss... and grief.
Because my life looks dramatically different now then it did 2 or 3 years ago. And a sad, heart-sick mama who comes here to read about Caden gets smacked in the face with 2 adorable, smiley and very alive little boys... which could be a bit unhelpful to her.


I needed a one-stop place where all my God-praisin', question askin', soul-searchin', heart-wrenchin', laughin', cryin' and sometimes completely undirected posts could sit all cozy together and wait. Wait for a person in need of a story. One they can relate to... one they can cry with... one they can be sad with... and hopefully laugh along with...

A place for my grief story.
Just that.
No tumor.
No pregnancy tales.
No Rigg stories... no Ryder stories.
Just posts about Caden and God bringing us through the fire.

So here it is... it is over on my sidebar.
If you want to just read about Caden...this is the place.

If you ever direct anyone to my blog because they have experienced a loss... make sure you tell them about the link on the side. Right under Our Story.


Less then a day left for the giveaway!

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