Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to re-do a dresser {part 2}

You might remember from this post, that we were in the process of re-doing an old dresser.
We found the dresser at a local Salvation Army... for a whopping $17!

And then I hatched a plan to make it into a lovely blue-teal wonder.
and I made theCaptain buy paint... too much paint.
(oops... now I am going to have 2 lovely blue-teal pieces of furniture...poor me..hehe)

and then we began.

After Lunch, put kids down for nap.
Breathe deep, satisfying sigh of relief.

Go back outside, surround yourself with drawers and start to paint.

Make sure to carefully record paint color for later reference or touch-ups.

Gaze longingly at still-wet dresser through your kitchen window while waiting for it to dry.

Get side tracked with children and store still-tacky dresser in garage to dry completly.
and then get VERY busy with life... and leave it in garage for another month and a half.
Get upset with yourself for letting your really fabulous dresser sit in the garage all lonely and abandoned.

Scuff and destress the lovely blue-teal wonder of a dresser.

get that bad boy inside so you can stare at it intermittantly throughout the day.

Take some pics and post to blog on internet so all the world can see how long it took you to complete a project.

Congratsulations... if you followed the above steps, you have successfully re-done a dresser!
Stuff with clothes and enjoy!


barbara said...

absolutely beautiful!!!! What is that color? Did you put it in the boys' room???

Bethany said...

Gorgeous! I'm impressed with the speed of getting it done. Two littles always changes my time frame for any project. :)

Anonymous said...

The dresser looks beautiful!