Saturday, September 17, 2011

How to re-do a dresser {part 1}

1. buy extremely cheap, very beat up dresser.

2. let dresser sit untouched in garage for 2 months.

2. prep dresser by sanding.

3. let toddler play with dirty stick.

4. after repeatedly telling toddler not to put dirty stick in mouth... and saving his life by hiding said stick with deadly stagnant water ick... continue sanding.

5. teach toddler to help the Captain with detail work.

6. let the baby supervise.

7. check the toddler and Captain's performance on said detail work.

8. check the supervisors mood.

9. reveal paint color.

10. stop all work for McDonalds run.


Rebecca said...

i like these steps. :) excited to see it finished! the color is so pretty!

Boyka said...

Thank you,Cari, for the beautiful pictures and the interesting comments under them! As usual - you made my day!!!

Julie : ) said...

dude. I want to see the finished product!