Friday, September 30, 2011


Rigg is funny. He is silly and hyper and all over the place.

And he is surprizing.
really... just the other day he jumped up, threw his hands up in the air and yelled "a-pies!" (surprize!)
and I wondered... where did he learn that?!?!?

He does that to me a lot... just throws some new fangled word or idea out there and puts me all in a tizzy thinking he is a genius.
( genius, you say? a bit over the top?... maybe...)

He did it again yesterday.

We were in Ryder's room when he starts pointing at the stop sign and saying "og-a-gon" over and over.

I said "Buddy, that's a stop sign."

Rigg: "NO! og-a-gon!"

pause (brain clicks on)

stunned silence,

he just said octagon!!!!

he knows a stop sign is an octagon!



me: "good job, Rigg! You're right, that is an octagon. You're so smart."

Rigg, smiling from ear to ear "og-a-gon!"

me, pointing to the yield sign: "good job! Can you tell me what shape that one is?"

Rigg: "Circle!"

me: sigh, hang head in disbelief... maybe "genius" was a tad hasty...

but he is super cute...


Julie : ) said...


Bethany said...

He's a genius. What kids says og-a-gon, unless they are super smart. Love it!

Jen said...

Hi IS cute and a genius!! I mean being able to identify an octagon at his age is pretty incredible!! :)

Boyka said...

So cute, and a real genius!!!

Penny said...

I love it! As a kindergarten teacher, I can tell you that him recognizing an octogon is AMAZING! And at least, he knows a circle is a shape. That's awesome, too. :)

Rebecca said...

I was gonna say the same thing as Penny. Rigg's ahead of some of my students! :)