Monday, October 3, 2011

Ryder ~ 8 months ~

Ryder is 8 months old!
well, actually... Ryder turned 8 months old about 3 weeks ago...
but still..
8 months old!!!

and he is messy (as usual)

Ryder is rarely like this:

he is usually like this:

and LOUD!
now he does this:

sometimes, when he pauses and looks at me all quiet and sweet, he is so beautiful and he reminds me so much of Caden...

but then he breaks out in a wicked grin and squeals loud and strong... just to remind me of his boy-ness..

as if I would ever forget how "boy" this precious boy is!


Boyka said...

Very sweet and beautiful!
And he looks so much like his elder brother!!! When they grow older they will look like twins, I guess!God bless them!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...those cheeks...i could just nibble on them!! he is adorable!! i see both caden and rigg in his sweet face. and i love the two bottom teeth...a favorite of mine on little ones. happy 8 months sweet ryder!!

Anonymous said...

He has a neck!