Friday, September 2, 2011

An AWESOME red door

SO... there is this beautiful church just down the street from my house.

It has an AWESOME red door.

and a pretty little courtyard.

But mostly... an AWESOME red door.

An AWESOME red door that I was certain the boys would look great/stunning/amazing in front of

so we took a walk

in the 100 degree heat

with the boys in shirt-sleeves

so mama could take a picture

or 134


and ya' know what?

I was right...

the boys did look great/stunning/amazing

and cute

and...sniff... grown-up...

in front of the AWESOME red door.


Lindsey said...

Great pictures!! I especially like the one of Rigg with his arms out...looks like he's saying "Ta-da!"

Rebecca said...

Awesome red door! Very cute kids! Wonderful pictures! :)

Julie : ) said...


Bethany said...

Rigg is looking so grown up!

Anonymous said...


These will work great! I love how the boys will be in white just like Caden with the white sheets.

cool red door.