Sunday, January 17, 2010

Prayer please

My little guy is sick...please pray for him...and me. :)We all know I do not do to well mentally and emotionally when he is not feeling well.

We had a late night last night. He is having trouble keeping food down. Luckily (?) he does not have a fever. Just a nasty couch and some congestion...oh and the vomiting thing. (he has been doing better today...but is still not up to snuff...)
I plan on taking him to the Dr. tomorrow.

Please pray for sleep, that he could keep more food down, and that he would take more liquid.  As well as for peace of mind for the captian and me...

I will keep you posted.


Krista said...


Bethany said...

Dragons should not get sick! Praying he gets well soon.

Anonymous said...

I pray that Rigg gets over this sickness very soon and that God keeps you and the captain strong through this and gives you peace.

Prayers from Texas