Monday, January 21, 2013

Rocks of remembrance

I have a good memory for some things... and a very bad memory for others. 

I can remember feelings, emotions and the overall feel of a certain time in my life much better than I can remember exact details.
Unless of course I was struck by something in the details... then I seem to have the memory emblazoned upon my brain.

It's kinda weird the way the mind works... what you remember... what you don't.

I know there are amazing, awesome things happening in my life. I see them daily in how my kids grow, I see them each week as God teaches me new truths about Himself and how I am to live... I see it in this new journey He has placed my family on. People being moved by Him to bless us.

And I don't want to forget... 

I want to be able to sit with my boys one day and tell them story upon story of how God provided, of how God worked... of proof that God is real.
I want to point to the fingerprints God has left on our life, on our family, and show them His sovereignty, His faithfulness... His lovingkindness to us.

As I was pondering this I was struck by the stories in the Bible of people who were impressed upon by God, who were guided, cared for and looked after.
How after a certain trial, dream, or event they build an alter to God.

I took this idea, of thankfulness... of remembrance, and adjusted it to fit our purpose.

So, what does one need to file away memories of God's provision and faithfulness?

Rocks, a sharpie and a glass jar.

oh, and of course a detailed list of what you want to remember and thank God for.

After some time spend with a notebook and some deep thinking, I had my list.
Double-checked by the Captain... added to, and checked again...
It was time for the rocks.

I wrote each memory, each gift, each provision that God had given specifically to us on the rocks. If they had a date, I wrote that date on the opposite side.If they just had a general timeline... I wrote the year, or the month and the year.

When I was done with my list... I remembered a few more...

It was so much fun to go back and see how much God has given and taken care of us.
It was also emboldening...strengthening, in a way. Seeing how God was faithful, even in things that seem minor, helps to give peace and perseverance. Seeing what He has done firms the foundation for knowing what He will do in the future... take care of our every need.

I added the rocks to a glass container and displayed it on our TV cabinet.

I hope to not only continue adding rocks as God continues to bless us, but I hope to take the rocks out from time to time and tell Rigg and Ryder how God has done great things for us; retelling the stories of our life.

 The stories that have God's fingerprints all over them.


Penny said...

What a lovely idea! Hoping Andy is doing well. :)

Bethany said...

Love this idea! Can I borrow it? It's so much nicer, more manageable, and more keepable than the paper snow flakes we have up on our wall.
His faithfulness is so amazing!

Cristi Jo said...

I love this idea and it seems to be simple enough for even me! I may steal it! I guess I am not as polite as Bethany. Sorry.

Anonymous said...


So glad you did it -- it looks great -- I loved reading the ones I could see.

It is one of the most fabulous ideas I've heard in a long time. I especially loved how it is linked to scripture and will be used to help you remember what God has done and teach it to your children.

Basically - it is SO AWESOME!!!!

and so are you...


Heidi Stone said...

I love this. Obviously. Because it's awesome. I've heard of lots of tangible ways of keeping these memories, but this is perhaps the most blatant reminder of God's faithfulness. Not only is this a great tool for reminding yourself and teaching your children about our great God, but it's also a wonderful testimony to anyone who enters your home and asks why you have a pile of rocks with words all over them sitting in a glass jar. What a blessing to be able to share your victories with your own family and those who may enter your home.

The Buchanan Family said...

What a fab idea! Such a neat idea!

Carissa said...

I LOVE this idea! What a great, visible reminder each day of God's faithfulness...I might have to borrow this idea.

Thank you for sharing your story...God's story for your lives. Thanks for being transparent and sharing the good, the bad & the ugly because through it, it shows what an awesome God we serve.

Still praying for you guys!

Julie : ) said...

Nice work. :)