Friday, January 4, 2013

Let's pretend

I'm going to make this quick... because, quite frankly, I'm tired.

Both of my boys are sick with a fever. Last night was not restful. Today was not peaceful.
But we did do some cool puzzles and had a stellar Nerf gun fight.
I won.

The Captain is in Bloomington.  He started his chemo and radiation on Wednesday.
I was there for his first treatment and stayed the night with him that first night.
Can I just tell you, the Proton Therapy Center is amazing.
Jill's House, where he is staying is amazing.
So much so, that you kinda forget why you are there.


I want to tell you all about our delightful Christmas.

I want to share TONS of Insta's and other pics with you.

I want to tell you stories.
Share insights.
Proclaim God's unfailing goodness and faithfulness.
Thank you for all you are doing, prayers, meals, gifts, time...

But more than that I want to sit and let my mind rest... and my body rest...

So, let's pretend this was a real post, with real information...
and you can go ahead and pretend that I blew your mind with how awesome God is and how I learned these wonderful and incredible things...

Let's pretend this was a really good post, not just some lame filler to make lazy self feel better... and to prove I still exist.

My life has been ultra busy... but also ultra amazing these past couple of weeks.

Please keep us in your prayers. We are resting in Christ's will for the Captain. We are choosing to trust His choice for us. We are hoping and asking for complete healing for Andy.
And tonight, I'm also praying for broken fevers and sweet, sweet sleep.

A girl's gotta be rested for her 31st birthday and all... (it's Sunday... FYI... I DO love my birthday!)


Verna Lantz said...

You are both always in my prayers. I wish I had more words, better words, but God knows it all. Keep you head up,dear friend, it will be later soon.

Suzanne Howell said...

Praying for you Cari! It was so great to meet you last Sunday at church in Greenwood. I am sure it is overwhelming to meet people who read your blog that you have never met!! :) Will keep praying! Blessings,
Suzanne Howell

kristi said...

Your post is always inspirational no matter what you write. You and Andy are living God's message for all of us everyday of your lives. prayers for healing for andy and for your boys to be healthy again.
Love you

Boyka said...

Praying for you, the bravest girl I have ever known!!!Praying for dear Andy!
We love you, we understand you, we absolutely adore your strength and beleif!!!You really are our INSPIRATION in life!!!
Boyka, Alexander, Garik

Karee said...

Our family is committed to daily praying for yours. Thank you for your raw honesty & persevering faith. It is inspirational. Praying for God to wrap you in peace & provide enabling grace for each moment.
Brandon&Karee Brown (friends of Lindsey & Jon:)) and our kiddos!!

Boyka said...

Dear Cari!
Today - 6th Jan - is your birthday and I wish you many happy returns of the day - together with Andy!
Be strong, be patient, be unique - as you have always been!!!
Praying for Andy, for you and your kids!
With the best wishes and all my love and admiration for you!

Julie : ) said...

May you have no fevers in your house on the day we celebrate your birth. :)

Happy Birthday

Anonymous said...