Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Things I've been thinking about

Ryder...what will he look like? If he has red hair, will everybody call him Red Ryder?

Rigg's new big boy room... Do they have the quilt I want in stock... can I find and afford everything I am planning on?

How do you teach a one and a half year old to stay in a bed he can crawl out of?...This makes me very tired just to think about.

Why do people who sell their stuff on craigslist think their stuff is made of gold... or price it as such?

Is it possible to have more dog hair on my floor then on the dog?... a science experiment might be in order...

Do I have the time/inclination to shower today...can I fool others with good make-up and a ponytail?

Why am I surprised to find cheerios in the toilet or toy trucks in the dog bowl?

Why do I not take advantage of my crock pot more often?...hello, dinner without cooking....

How much longer can I wear my wedding ring before it cuts off circulation to my finger?

If I do not do laundry today will I have underwear for tomorrow?

Getting things from others and not being able to give back is hard and humbling.... it is a lesson I am learning.

Why are Indiana summers so HOT???

How many times today will I clean my kitchen before bedtime...3? 4?

How sad it is that the Captain's shirts look so big...until I put them on to wear to bed...and they are not so huge..UGH!

How is it possible to be physically worn out just thinking through your to-do list?

How many things on my to-do list do I really need to do?

Does writing a pointless blog post count as something I can mark off my to-do to look more productive?


Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

You have to save yourself some trouble and do NOT put Rigg in a big boy bed as long as possible. You can teach him but why exhaust yourself. I would just keep Ryder in a bassinet at least until he is 4 months or so and by then you may be getting a good 8 hours sleep and can then deal with transitioning Rigg to a big boy bed. Hey that is just my opinion, but I LOVE MY SLEEP.

Bethany said...

I have an extra pack and play if you need one.

Sarah said...

you are funny!

Kandice said...

Oh my - the kitchen thing! I just sat down to take a break from cleaning the kitchen! Seriously, 3 ro 4 times a day - and that is just with one little one in our home, what is it going to be like in 5-10 years????

Lindsay said...

You're so funny. I chuckled out loud when I read the "red Ryder" statement. haha Don't stress the to-do'll all get done in its time. ;)

Melissa823 said...

Um, I always put blogging on my to-do list! Gotta have something to check off!!

I'm 27 weeks pregnant and not feeling like doing much either!

Stacey Dishman said...

I wanted to hit the like button, but it's not an option on here.