Monday, September 13, 2010

His first zoology lesson

Last week the Captain was on vacation.  We stayed home, because we enjoy relaxing stay-cations, (or the Captain is still FALSELY charged with a felony and cannot leave the state....whichever, I am going with relaxing vacation from home...)

This is a big reason why I have been silent on the blog front... I had my husband home and we hung out and did fun things together... or napped together, whichever...

One thing we did do was take Rigg to the zoo for the first time.

He is a lover of animals, especially dogs, so we thought he would love it. I think he did, what we know for sure, is that he loved every second of being outside and he loved watching the other kids... He did love the goat...I think it was because he could get up close and touch it... but it was definitely his favorite.

We are not really sure what that one meercat is doing, please ignore... although Rigg seemed intrigued.

The Captain had a great time showing Rigg all the animals, it was fun to see how much he loves showing his son new things. One of the fun things you can do was pet the small sharks. Rigg was too young to really grasp the concept, so he watched...the Captain however was thrilled...he had to be persuaded at first to stick his hand into water with a bunch of sharks, but in the end he kept talking about how cool it was...

After we had traipsed Rigg around in the sun for 2 + hours, he was "all done", and by the time the car was pulling out of the parking lot...he was sound asleep!  We had worn the poor guy out!

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Bethany said...

Fun pictures, Cari! Cute babies, like yours, are what start baby fever. I might unfollow. :)