Friday, February 19, 2010

a bigger, older little brother

Rigg is 8 months old today...Whew! How time flies!
8 months marks a small milestone, and 2 days ago marked a not so well known milestone.

2 days ago Rigg was as old as Caden was when she died. So now, even though he is the little brother, he is a little older then her, and always will be. The bigger, older little brother. To mark the occasion we made a handprint and footprint of Rigg. We have some of Caden, so now we have them both at the exact same age.

As for Rigg being 8 months old... we are now in uncharted waters as far as parenting goes.

He has tried some new things lately. He has been given a few things to try and feed himself.

He has mostly just made a mess.

He loves bathtime.

Rigg looks steller in a mohawk.

He loves his daddy and his dog.

Rigg is such a laid back, chill little fellow. He is content to just sit and hang out. He loves to snuggle. He chatters to himself and "sings" to the car radio. Rigg smiles easy and giggles all the time. His favorite thing to do is bounce up and down...your arms will wear out long before he does!

He has brought such joy to us. God has blessed us greatly.
Happy 8 months Rigg!


Patty said...

Cute, cute post! I love the pictures of Rigg feeding himself - that is so much fun to let kids feed themselves. I remember a lot of food ending up on the floor because my Ryan thought it was funnier to feed the dog than it was to eat it himself!

Have fun and good luck on the unchartered territory in the toddler stages!

Kimberly said...

I just love love love your little boy. Every time you post pics of that adorable face and those chubby arms and belly, I melt!!!!
I'll say it again and again, you have THE SWEETEST little man (besides my little man Connor)
Kimberly from Canada

Anonymous said...

OMGosh!!!!! I loved this post!!!! Rigg and the banana are too cute!!!!! he's growing up and getting so big!!!!!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Yep, that's what kids do when you give them food. They make a mess! :)

Feel free to call anytime for some "uncharted waters" advice.

Love you, Cari.