Sunday, February 21, 2010

Because Mrs.B never got to see him laugh

My good friend Mindy had her parents over for a few days. I had the privilege of seeing them 2 times while they were here. All Suzanne wanted was to see Rigg laugh. He did not cooperate.

So, for Suzanne, I will post this video.

It was Super Bowl night. We were pumped. We were all geared up. We were dressed in our jersey's. We were so disappointed we did not speak of the incident for days. (however a good Boiler like myself cannot be too sad for a Drew Breese victory!)

It was right before bedtime...(Riggs' not ours)

Rigg was in such a great mood.

Yes, I do usually smell his "stinky baby armpits"

No, I do not smell other peoples.

No, I do not talk in such a high voice when not prompted by the laughter of my son.

that is all.

Suzanne, and all others, enjoy the laughs!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the phone message -- all four of us logged on to watch. We all just laughed, and laughed, and laughed.

Mom is honored to be on the blog! She says it made her day and now she feels free to go home.

What a cutie.


Rebecca said...

That is hysterical! Love it Cari! :)

Penny said...

He is sooo cute!
I can't share your pain about the Colts' loss. I don't like football, usually, but being a LOUISIANA girl, I "watched" my first superbowl (not just for the commercials). And it. was. awesome. Just sayin' ;)

Just Me - The Champion said...

I love the video. There is nothing better than a Mommy making her baby laugh... isn't it the best! I was cheering on Peyton and the Colts thinking of you guys. We were in the same boat with our dear Vikings... Rigg is so awesome. It's funny because he and Josie are at such similar stages. I love it. :) jen

Anonymous said...
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Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

Well....that was comical.