Monday, February 1, 2010

behind every rain cloud

I hate technology.

OK, so I don't HATE it, but lately, I loathe the way it has of letting you down.

You know what I mean, it is the garage door that refuses to go down ALL THE WAY, it stays open just far enough for the neigbors cat to go in and out as it pleases.  The garbage disposal that eats half an orange peel just to stop grinding and hum at you in blatant opposition. (or are these just our appliances?)

Our dryer has been stupid since the day we brought it home (second hand).  It likes having clothes inside its big metal-drummed belly so much it takes 3 cycles to completly dry a normal sized load, therefore taking almost 4 hours to finish one load!

I have never had the pleasure of a new vacuum cleaner. I have been the proud owner of 2 used ones. Which have broken. The latest "new-to-us" model started smoking and producing a tatalizing burning smell a couple of weeks ago. I have since borrowed a friends'... (it.was.MARVOLOUS!) and am now in a dire situation... ours is still broken and there is now more dog hair on my floor then on the dog.

Ihavetold you aboutthe sticking spacebaron my keyboard...right?

Our furnace has evidentally tired of full-time employment and decided to take impromptu holidays.  It works splindidly one hour... and doesn't work at all the next. And, let me tell you, the baby looks silly in hoodies over footie pajamas and 3 pairs of socks. However, it does little to detour him from laughing and drooling on all of his toys!

And to top it all off, my hair dryer sounds as if it will blow up in my face at any moment! What is a girl to do? I have onsets of sudden terrors at the thought of not being able to blowdry my hair! Of being forced out in public with only half of my hair straightened and the other half a frizzy mess! I am in love with my dryer and round brush!  I have formed a close bond with this dryer. I have memorized where all the settings are without needing to look, as well as have attachments that help in all styling situations!  My difuser is lovely...and most needed on days when my ensemble calls for curly hair! I fear my dryer is on its last leg and I will be forced to stand in the isle at wal-mart weighing my hair-drying options...wattage, attachments, settings, retractable cords, barrel is just too much right now... I am not yet ready to part with my hairdryer...

Oh, and the clock in our bedroom is stuck on quarter til five...

However, my hairdryer did not give up today, and my tummy-sucking-in undies are doing their job! There is always a silver lining!


Elizabeth said...

Please let me know when the day comes that you are forced to leave the house with half of your hair straightened and the other half curly. As you know, I ALWAYS enjoy a good laugh ; )

Amy said...

Our dryer does that sometimes, too...a bunch of "stuff" gets caught up in the exhaust because our builder was dumb and thought the vent should go UP instead of straight out. Any chance that might be clogging things up?

Christina said...

I can so relate!

We had the same dryer, up until I finally begged and pleaded for one that took less than 2+ long-length loads to dry anything.

My hair dryer did blow up sometime this fall. I still don't like my new one.

Our water heater has enough hot water for one (usually) shower in the morning...not two.

My dishwasher leaves the dishes looking almost as dirty as when they went leaves spots.

But all in all, life is good.

Sarah said...

tummy-sucking-in-undies? May need to invest in some of those soon...where did you find such a mind-boggling invention?

Rebekah said...

We just had to cash in our credit card rewards points for a new computer because our old one was knocking on death's door. I was hoping to keep saving (for many more years) to take a vacation... but we need the computer for the store so that won out :)

Gretchen said...

I feel your pain on several of those accounts. In fact this past year we got a new furnace (the other one was leaking carbon monoxide and about to kill us all or so the technician said. He actually turned off our gas and gave us some kind of legal notice). Then my "used" vacuum cleaner died almost but it was considered unsafe to use by my husband and since it was over 20 years old (at least 15 years old when we first bought it) I begged my husband for a new one and we got one. A middle of the road one, but a new one nonetheless. So Andy, if you are reading this please buy this a girl a new vacuum - maybe not for Valentines Day or anything but soon.

Amy said...

Hello! I have a GREAT vacuum to tell yout about - and no it won't break the bank! Consumer Report rated it higher than a Dyson, and after borrowing my friend's, I had to buy one myself. Our carpets were always covered in dog hair, and this new vacuum takes care of everything. It even has a great attachment to clean hair off our couch. :) Check it out! It won't let you down:

I am not a salesperson...just really passionate about this vacuum and saving my family money!

Amy :)

Penny said...

My problem is not appliances, but vehicles. My van is broken down in our driveway. I've been driving my teenager's car for a month or so. Guess who's loving that!! Not! And then, today, on the 5 hour drive to his new job, my husband's timing belt breaks and he's stuck 3 hours from work. his friend picks him up on his way and HIS truck breaks down. This just happened in the last 30 min. Yeah, now our vehicular luck has rubbed off on friends and coworkers, too. I guess he'll get to work eventually. I feel like I'm on a Hee Haw rerun. "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all." It has to get better, right??? :)

the mcclenahans said...

Cari-Thanks for the comment you left me. As I visited your blog I was amazed by the similarities in our stories. Your Rigg is precious and of course your Caden is precious too. I might have to get some boy tips from you. I have so much to learn!

Heidi @ Indy Photography said...

We have a keyboard that we are not using. Would you like to borrow it?