Thursday, June 19, 2014

and just like that... Rigg is 5.

Today is Rigg's 5th birthday.
Something in me just doesn't believe it. And, yet, the calendar says it is June 19th 2014.
Well, that and Rigg himself has been counting down the "dark naps" (nights/sleeps) for what seems like decades... so I guess the reality is, I have a five year old.

Rigg isn't big on cuddling. That's Ryder's gig. But Rigg loves his daddy. He always has a nice big hug for his daddy. 

 This year he saw the ocean for the first time and has been talking about it ever since. He loved standing in the waves and watching the water climb up his legs... but mostly he loved digging in the sand. So many holes... and always room for more, a little boys dream.

I'm trying to impress upon Rigg the importance of being a big brother. He does not yet take the job very seriously, however there are moments when I look over and see him patiently showing Ryder how to work a game or how to build a tower.
It is a prayer of mine that my sons are close friends all throughout life. I pray they learn to appreciate and enjoy each other. Rigg tells me often that Ryder is his best friend... I hope it never changes.

 Rigg truly discovered the "super hero" this year. He is enthralled with all manner of super hero's. He loves the idea of "beating up the bad guys" and saving the day.
He obtained an Iron Man costume and wore it out many a time.
I recall one such occasion when we were out and a fun cashier leaned down to him and said "hello there, Mr. Stark!" He looked up with a puzzled expression and loudly proclaimed "I'm Rigg!"

One thing I love about this child is how expressive he is. He tells a great story with awesome hand motions and amazing facial expressions. I'm still clueless as to where he gets some of them... they must just be his. 

Rigg started preschool this year. I was afraid he would be the child that was excited the first 2-3 days and then tire of it. But he surprised me and looked forward to it almost everyday. He grew and learned so much this year. It happened slowly as well as faster then I could take in.

Rigg has been learning how to help me more. He is a deep thinker and very intuitive. He knows and senses things are changing. He asks questions and we talk about things. He wants to talk about Heaven a lot, about Caden living in Heaven with Jesus. He is smart and has a big, sweet heart. He makes me think before I speak and helps me to have a bigger faith.

and he's adorable...

He loves his daddy... have I mentioned that? He would rather sit and show his daddy all sorts of things then hang with Mama.... I'm cool with it. I love that He loves his dad. Rigg needs your full attention. He wants your eyes looking at him when he speaks. He needs time to feel loved. Andy is better at slowing down and giving Rigg his full attention... I will learn.... Rigg is teaching me. "Mom, I'm talking to you, you need to look at me... no MOM! I'm not done!"
I'm getting there...

Rigg loves to pretend he is a super hero. He does a lot... A LOT... of ninja moves and fighting-type choreography throughout the house. He has developed some wicked skills! 

 Also... Rigg kinda loves to dance...
and I kinda love to watch him!

We are super blessed to have Rigg as a son. He is an amazing little guy. He loves big. He plays hard. He thinks deep and his smile brightens a room!
Happy Birthday Rigg!
We love you to pieces!


Amber Waves Of Grain said...

Awww! Happy birthday, Rigg!!!!!! Hope you have a fun day! From Kennedy and Amber

Krista said...

What a sweet tribute! Happy Birthday Super Rigg!!!