Thursday, July 10, 2014

a decade of marraige

Today the Captain and I have been married 10 years.
When I thought of writing this post, a lot of things came to mind.
I thought of doing a timeline of pictures, complete with commentary about said pictures and how God was shaping our lives.
I thought about showing you all pictures from our recent trip to Colorado and just telling you it was our anniversary celebration for this year.
I considered just posting an insane number of pictures of me and Andy, and commenting on how these past 10 years have changed not only our appearance, but our heart and our perspective.
However between real life (taking care of my boys, my hubby, my dog and my home) and my procrastination... you will get none of those very detailed posts.
What you will get is a video of our wedding reception.
Which I'm pretty sure I post every year.
It's about 10 minutes long.
Well worth it.
As Rigg said this morning while watching it "Daddy is talking! He doesn't have that cancer in his brain!"
Which is true... a fact, when pointed out by your beautiful son, makes you cry.
A few things to know before watching the video.
I was skinny... and very blonde.
The Captain had HAIR and liked to chew gum.
Our wedding party was big.
It was CRAZY hot and humid that day.
It rained so hard during the actual ceremony we didn't think we would have our reception.
But the rain did stop...
Because of the wet and humidity... our reception was mostly cake, chatting and dancing... we "forgot" the toasts, and all other formalities.
Jon is one of Andy's best friends who was serving in Iraq, not able to be with us.
My sister is giving her "belated" toast wet, because some bridesmaids jumped into the pool too... just not on camera.
(and, per her toast, I should mention, we fought a lot growing up... but are good friends now)
Enjoy my wedding day!


Stacey said...

I enjoyed rewatching the entire video this morning! Such a beautiful bride and a beautiful day! Treasured memories! Love you sweet friend. Thanks for letting me a part of that fantastic day

Penny said...

I have watched this video every tune you've posted. It's so full of joy and life affirming. This year it is bittersweet. I'm celebrating your ten years with you, but so sad for you right now. Your faith shines in every post and is awe inspiring and challenging to me too. God bless you, Cari and Andy! <3

Verna Lantz said...

Thank you for sharing. That was truly beautiful! said...

Watching this video of you and Andy has made your blog become even more personal...and I stopped to pray after I finished watching..that God will continue to bring glory to himself through such an awesome couple as you!! Happy Anniversary to you! Celebrate that union that is between you both...and your Creator! He LOVES YOU SO!