Friday, November 15, 2013

My superheroes

This year was the first year that Rigg wanted to wear a costume and "go get candy."
until VERY recently Rigg was extremely uninterested in anything dress-up, costume-y,  or otherwise not normal attire.
So when I asked him if he wanted to dress up for Halloween this year I was a bit surprised with his enthusiastic reply.
He said "YES! as long as I can be Iron Man and Ryder can be the Hulk."
OK, little one, I think I can make that happen.
So I became the mom of two superheroes.
The boys got the costumes two weeks before the big night... and Rigg has wanted to be Iron Man a lot... before Halloween and after.
So not only did the Iron Man and Hulk make and appearance for the Night of Candy... but have also run errands with me and been seen around the house "saving the world.
I love having little boys.. Ahem... I mean... superheroes.

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