Friday, April 26, 2013

I kinda just wanna sit in there and bask in the glow of its awesomeness

Remember when I vaguely mentioned I redecorated my bedroom ,in passing, and did not give satisfactory information or details?


Well I did... both of those things - vaguely mention it... and I redid my bedroom.

And it is splendid.

My former music/choir/ SHOW CHOIR teacher came and helped me.

It might have been the most fun I've had, in, oh, I don't know... EONS!!!

(I'm feeling dramatic today...)

At least it was the most fun I had in eons until we joined forces yet again to completely overhaul and redecorate my sis-in-laws apartment.
And then that became the most fun I've had in EONS!!!!!
(more on that in another post)

Let's chat about my bedroom in its horrible "before" state.
It was horrible.

The walls were a mossy green, which was not terrible, except I hated it.

The walls were covered in a random hodge podge of left over whatevers... there was no rhyme or reason to the room... it had no direction, no personality, and it felt like a cave.

It was a hole that was sucking the very soul out of my being...

Then I repainted my dinning room and fell in love with Sherwin Williams' SW6073 "perfect greige.
So much in love with SW6073 did I fall, that I used said color in the painting of the chevrons.
And then I had aspirations of using it to lighten and brighten and make happy my bedroom.

So Mrs. N came to me and asked if she could help me.
I was excited beyond words at her kindness. Not to mention I knew the lady had incredible style. I was, however, to be schooled in her affinity for all things hardware and able to help hang any object known to man. She has a magic tool box that holds the wonders of the hardware world for a decorator...

We started by repainting, and then we went on to hang sheers and mirrors and pictures and lamps and cover stools and reupholster headboards... or headboard, rather...
It was a glorious two days of work and creative outpouring.
I was in my own personal here-on-earth-heaven... Redecorating...(contented sigh)

People, I cannot put into words how much I love my bedroom now.
It used to be the room that I avoided. Now I kinda just wanna sit in there and bask in the glow of its awesomeness.

I wanted a grey and white scheme with pops of aqua and tangerine. And we did It!!!
The only thing that stayed as-is was my aqua dresser and my white bedding. My dad and I made the headboard together just after the Captain and I were married, so I really wanted to leave the main wood section untouched...  I was all for reupholstering the inside, fabric section though.

I saw a small version of a mirror collage and I knew I wanted to try and replicate it in a massive way.

We found the cutest little stool at an old junk shop. I recovered it in a great print. It is so cute sitting there in the corner, just waiting for someone to come and perch on its fluffy amazingness.

Some of our most recent family pics are on display above the dresser. I love the black and white images in the white frames.

Mrs. N also got these great tangerine colored knobs that we added to the dresser... just a small thing, but it gives so much pop. and personality. And it makes me wildly happy.
Orange knobs... who knew they could brighten my whole day?

Even the bitty bowl of tid bits is adorable!

 All the maps went on the big wall. We hung some silver cord over mercury glass drawer pulls and attached empty picture frames. The frames are hung to highlight the places the Captain and I have been together. One covers some countries in Europe, one the US and another some islands in the Caribbean.

The amazing hanging light you see on one side of the bed needs a mate mirroring it on the other side. I picked up that spectacular one at IKEA for another use altogether... so I need to make a special trip to get another one. Stupid stores that don't ship...

Well, that's it! A tour of sorts of the bedroom makeover. 
Now instead of sucking the soul out of me, it is a place where I can go and BREATHE.

Wonder what the Captain will let me redo next?


Anonymous said...

Loved to see the photos with the room mostly finished. I just love it Cari!


sabo family said...

Love it! It's so lovely! Love the aqua and tangerine combo!

BTW, did you actually check with IKEA about shipping, b'cuz I have ordered from IKEA before..they shipped to the house.

Andy and Cari said...

Kelly, I did check. This particular item is not available for shipping. Sigh... I'll just have to go and spend a whole day shopping with girlfriends away from the boys... Darn. ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Andy will let me borrow you to decorate.........I'm starting to dream of building again.........I might have to let you go wild with a whole house! b

Andy and Cari said...

Sounds like a dream come true.... ;) said...

You're going viral!! I just posted some of your swell ideas on pinterest! Hope that's okay! :)

Andy and Cari said...

I love it!!!

Tina said...

OOOH!! So pretty!!
I SO want to re-decorate!

Leeanne Dyson said...

“It was a hole that was sucking the very soul out of my being...” Saying that about the look of your old room is a little too dramatic, don't you think? Haha! But after seeing the repainted and redecorated room now, it's awesome how a simple change in paint can make a huge difference in the overall feel of a room. I'm happy to hear that you find this place relaxing now. Congratulations!
Leeanne @ Pro Master