Friday, August 24, 2012


Oh. My.
It's Friday afternoon already.
Whew! where has the week gone?

Seems that I cannot be counted on to give any kind of update or any other kind of post on a regular basis.
Thanks for hanging in there with me.
Life gets hard.

I do have some snazzy pics to sum up my week...

Rigg found a bike helmet in the car... and then he proceeded to wear it in the car... in his car seat.
this made me ponder what Rigg thinks of my driving...

This kid is the most adorable thing in the world.
Then he turns monster and ruins the whole affect...
Dude has no middle ground. Sweet, cuddly-adorableness... crazy monster child who might not belong to me...
still... love that face!

The crazy monster child listed above may have absconded with the Captain's toothbrush. It has not been seen for many, many moons. So after seeing that the Captain was using a hot pink toddler brush to clean his pearly whites, I bought him a nice adult, manly orange number.
Your Welcome, Captain.

As a mom to young children, I have found that the bathroom is not a room I can enter alone. In fact, when I really need to use the bathroom, this seems to be the exact moment my child's world will fall apart without me. So they creep in and take over when I am mostly incapable of doing anything about it.
It's moments like this when the thought that I have boys, and one day their dad will take them on boy-only weekend camping trips, is the only thing that sustains me.

The boys have been requesting UP, lately. Ryder even says uuup!
Sniff, tear, sigh... I love and hate this movie.
But mostly love it.

Cranky, old Mr. Frederickson is a kick.
The line about walking to the falls in a timely manner with "no rap music or flash dancing" kills me every time.
flash dancing..hehe.

We got a brand spankin' new next door neighbor this week.
I decided to be extra neighborly and bake him G-ma Barb's famous chocolate chip banana bread.
I baked 3 loaves.
We ate 2.
Thank you neighbor.

Life was imitating art around here this week. The very fought-over and coveted Buzz Lightyear's arm broke off. Rigg was beside himself in horror for his favorite toy. I told him as soon as daddy got home, he could go to the store with daddy and buy glue so mommy could fix Buzz's arm. The glue was bought, surgery performed, and all former mobility restored. When I was done reattaching the limb, Rigg saw Buz and declared " Mommy! You fixed Buzz Lightyear! You Fixed Buzz Lightyear!"  I was the coolest mommy in all the world right then.
I'm still glowing from my victory.

This week has been filled with grief for me. Not just over my little girl, although there has been some of that. There is some other changes going on with us and I am grieving the loss. And it hurts. I need a quiet place to go and process. This was the spot I chose. God was good to me that hour. I cried until I had a headache... but it was very, very good.
My God is cool like that... taking the heavy from me.

I am throwing a baby shower for my friend Lauren.
And this week I have been obsessed with all things baby shower.
I don't like to brag... but it is going to be the most awesomest shower ever.

I have been making decorations like a crazy person.
This is a centerpiece that is going to hang above my dinning room table.
It's ok... you can be awed into amazement.

Also, I kinda feel like a baby girl shower should have lots of flowers...
So my mantel is now a holding place for lots of flowers...
eeek!! I love them.

I kinda went overboard on art for the nursery. I made some prints for her wall... and thought, ah, heck... let's use them as decor for the shower... and I love it.
Maybe she won't be allowed to take them home...

I'll do a whole post on the shower. But first, I really, really, really need to clean my filthy house.


Anonymous said...

4 years? It seems like forever and yesterday at the same time......Next time I need that good cry, you might have just found the perfect you. b

Katy Hazard said...

Big hug.

Elizabeth said...

That pic of Caden's headstone....big dagger in the heart. Miss her so.

The Hillebrands said...

I think you are the only person who can make me laugh hysterically one moment and then be crying the next. I love you for it though.

Amber Waves Of Grain said...

I recognize that house behind Rigg in the car photo. You were about 1/2 mile north of my subdivision. I know that yellow house and that intersection all too well.... :)