Friday, June 22, 2012


My week?

I will sum up a bit before the pictures.
Rigg turned 3 on Tuesday!
My Paw (my Dad's dad) passed away last Saturday.
 Due to the fact that my mom was still in CA, and my Nana and Paw reside 2 hours south, I traveled the 2 hour road trip (4 hour round trip) with my dad last Saturday to be with family.
I traveled it again on Tuesday for the showing and again on Wednesday (with kids this time) for the service.

I'm worn out! But so thankful for my family. I just love them! And knowing my Paw is in heaven, it wasn't goodbye... just, "see you soon."

OK... Insta-time.

T'was this dudes 3rd birthday this week. I cannot believe he is 3. Where has the time gone?

We are not having Rigg's family party until Sunday. But I really wanted to celebrate on his birthday. So I made some Toy Story alien cupcakes...

And we took them to the park and enjoyed them with friends.
Nothing like all your friends coming to the park on a beautiful day to swing, slide and eat alien cupcakes...

I did finish my picture frame art project.
I made some prints for my kitchen.
and I love them.
a reminder that I need every single hour
and a cute tree with The Captain's and my initials.

These 2 are my absolute favorites.

This is hands down the greatest shot of my Nana and Paw... in my opinion.
I love how happy they are here... and Nana's red lipstick... AWESOME.

OK. So I have no Idea what year this is... but this shot of my Paw being baptized brought tears to my eyes.
I wanted to steal it and keep it forever.
I settled for taking a picture of the picture.
Still, I adore the look on his face.

Ummm... can you say precious?
caught the boys watching veggie tales way too close to the TV, which I ignored...
But the cuteness...worth it!

and Ryder...
he's rockin' the shoes and diaper combo.

life rearranged

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Lindsey said...

From the cute cupcakes to the picture frame art project...everything is so creative! (And I love the up close Veggie Tales picture.)