Friday, June 15, 2012


Well I did it!
Got another post up!
Be proud, folks, be proud!

Here is another InstaFriday post, (joining the masses over @ Life Rearranged) retelling my adventures from  this week...instagram style!

Ryder is all over the place, morning nap-wise. Many mornings he will fall asleep on the couch while chaos continues around him. One morning this week I found him asleep with his toothbrush and sippy in hand.
I guess he wanted to be prepared.

Book club met on Tuesday evening. My friend Lauren was there too. She is pregnant with a precious baby girl! She is just starting to show a little baby belly!
I am super excited for this little one! I keep calling her Cari, but I think I am the only one...

Rigg has recently found a love for seeing himself. And since he knows Mommy's camera can flip, he always wants to see himself for a picture. And then I  have to take about 9 before he is appeased.
Here he is puttin' out the vibe, " I cool, mommy."

My mom is in CA visiting my sister and seeing my niece for the first time. She is communicating mainly via text, which does not come easy for my mom.  Getting this text from her made me lol... because she used "lol".
funny stuff.

Rigg put his shoes on all by himself.
Right feet and all.
I think this is life changing... I am not sure how...but life.changing.

Remember last week when I said I bought frames and I was going to paint them... yeah, did it.
And they are awesome!
I might have painted a bit of the cement on the back porch too... details.
It gave me a good excuse to use some of my fun photo apps too.

How about you? What did you do this week?

life rearranged


Bethany said...

Those frames look awesome! You've got an awesome decorating skills. Want to come help my poor house?

Andy and Cari said...

yes. yes i do! not because i think you need it, but because any kind of decorating is SUPER fun!!!!

Danelle said...

Love that NBA headband! And I don't think my mom has ever used the term LOL either. :)