Tuesday, June 19, 2012

the big 3

Can you guess what today is?
Rigg can tell you. (wink)
And he is super stoked about his birthday, however, lately, when asked how old he will be, he says, with unbridled enthusiasm, "I tall!"
Yes you are, son.

I decided to post some pictures of Rigg from this last year.
They are not in order... that would require more organization, planning... and filing skills than I posses at this stage in my life.
(He is still super cute in EVERY shot.)

At three, Rigg loves Curious George, Monsters Inc., tractors, running, jumping, wrestling, Buzz Lightyear, chocolate, Pops, Papaw, Daddy, Ryder (some days), airplanes, the dolphins at the zoo, Bumblebee the Transformer at the children's museum, his shoes, OUTSIDE, the park, ice cream, popcorn and bacon.
Just to name a few.

He is a BIG Ol' ham. He loves to take his own picture or sit in front of a mirror and watch himself make faces. He calls EVERYONE under the age of 15 his friend and becomes so completely overwhelmed in what he is doing he ceases to hear you... at least that sounds better then doesn't listen to his mother.

Rigg is a stellar helper. He wants to be in the thick of things. Whether that is unloading groceries, washing a car, putting away clothes or painting Mommy's toenails... he wants to help.  Most of the time we encourage it... however, I shall paint my own tootsies, thankyouverymuch.

My current favorite Rigg quote:
setup: he is hiding/rooting around in my closet. He is completely hidden, and after a solid 2 minutes of silence, from the depths of my closet I hear...
"Where's.my.super suit?"
Rigg makes me laugh.

Happy Birthday Rigg-a-roo.
We love you to the moon and back.


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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday bud!

Your daddy

Heidi Stone said...

Super suit! Bahahahahahaha.

Heidi Stone said...

Super suit! Bahahahahahaha.