Friday, July 8, 2011

everything but the kitchen sink...or it just feels like it.

A big thanks to all who read my last post, thought to themselves "that poor, poor lady and her stressful life and sinful soul... I should pray for her, her stressful life and her sinful soul.." and then just that. A bonus thanks if you left a comment... consider me encouraged and uplifted, because I was/am!

Because I have been lacking in the regularity and promptness of my posts, what follows may be a tish bit lengthy. Feel free to zone out and/or click off all together... I shan't be offended.

I know I missed his 5 month pics... but Ryder is indeed doing well and growing like a champ.  He will be 6 months old next Thursday!!! Can y'all believe it?!?!!? Doesn't it seem like just a week or so ago he was brand spankin' and squishy new?
Ryder is doing all sorts of non-infant related things these days.  He is blowing raspberries, rolling over (few and far between... but this is mostly my fault, I do not give the little guy sufficient tummy time.) reaching and grasping for things with much zeal and real purpose.
He is also starting to eat real people food... well, food you eat off a spoon and not just food you suck from a bottle. He is still not 100% sure about it. He takes bites, and then shudders after every. single. swallow. like I am feeding him sour patch kids. It's hilarious!

Ryder is also learning to sit on his own. His favorite thing in the world to do is stand while you hold his hands, and possibly bounce up and a down a few gazillion times... but sitting is important we are practicing. He is getting pretty good.

Rigg is getting so big! More and more real English is distinguishable amidst the 2 year old gibberish he speaks. Lately his favorite things are bubbles, running/playing with the dogs, acting like he is driving your car (actually sitting behind the wheel and flipping/hitting/turning every knob and button within reach while turning the steering wheel and honking the horn) and laughing (very forcefully) just because you are.
The other day I found him sitting on the couch next to Ryder... just holding his hand and saying "Hi, baby!" over and over...

He did get a huge kick out of climbing up on my dad's bike. And by climbing... I mean ignoring mommy saying "Rigg, do not touch Pop's bike." and scrambling up on the seat when no one was looking... I mean, really, how did he get up there by himself?

and just for giggles... shoes, camo socks and a bit of cheek...
Artists do have their own style... no?

Our July 4th celebrations consisted of getting together with our parents and setting off some low-key fireworks for the Riggster. (and some killer peach cobbler for myself)

I am sure this is me, being giddy and delirious after ingesting heaping portions of said cobbler...

Twas hot, friends.


But Rigg did enjoy the display of smoke, sparks and pops. He danced to the rhythm of pops and bangs. It was super cute. He about wore himself out just running with the dogs in the back yard. If I had just a smidgen of his energy I would be a much smaller pant size, I am sure... and, consequently,  feel much less guilty about the amount of peach cobbler I consumed.

tried to get a pic of me and the Captain... but this bug kept invading my personal space...getting all up in my grill ~ nope not even in type can I pull that off... sorry~
So we ended up with this... If you look close you can see the little bugger!

Feel free to print it out and display it on your mantel.

OK...if you made it to the end... bravo!
Happy Weekend!

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sabo family said...

I love how Rigg's cute little butt cheek is sticking out of his diaper while he draws his masterpiece. Adorable!