Monday, July 11, 2011

The 7 year itch

7 years ago today I was enjoying the 1st full day as a married woman. July 10th 2004 I married the Captain and my status changed forever...
I now get to mark the box Mrs. when filling out official documents.

That's right boys, men who honk at me while I'm letting the dog out and the creepy man who whistled at me as he sped by in his hooptie...

I am taken.

Spoken for.


Linked forever in the Ol' ball and chain.

and my hubby is bigger than you... and loves me TONS... so watch it!

Ahem.... back to my original point... my anniversary. It was yesterday... the big 7...
We did normal family stuff and celebrated GG Kennedy's 80th birthday. It was a good day.

7 years ago I was young... thin and very carefree. I had just entangled myself forever to the man I love and was on my way to someplace warm and sunny and relaxing. With sand and salty waves and the smell of 75 SPF sunscreen... ( I burn like a forgotten dinner if not properly slathered in sun screen)

And yet as I sat rocking the babe yesterday... snuggling his peach fuzz hair and soft new skin, I thought...for this moment in time there is no where in the world I would rather be. Home. With my boys... the Captain, who was relaxed and in a good mood. Rigg who was so good all day and a ball of giggles..and Ryder who warms my heart with his snuggles.  Being amidst the dirty dishes and the laundry, the the dog and the baby was a very good reminder of all the blessings that God has poured upon me these last few years.

And today? ... sure I am happy to be home. But after doing the dishes, 2 loads of laundry, sorting stuff for a yard sale in the 95 degree heat and changing 3 poopy diapers...

I'd rather be at the beach... with the Captain of course!

Here's how we met... and what I think of the Captain...just in case you were interested!


Penny said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! Both of you are VERY blessed! :)

barbara from San Antonio said...

Happy Anniversary! Seven amazing years. I read your love story and your love letter to your husband. What a wonderful way to express your feelings. Congratulations!!!

Julie : ) said...

happy anniversary! 7 years! Geez! Went fast!

Bryan and Kandice said...

We had our 7th celebration in May - I am trusting that God makes each of our new year of marriage even sweeter than the ones before!
Happy Love Day!
(I was wishing for another honeymoon this year...maybe at 10 yr?!!)