Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little about the wee one

Wee One: Ryder Andrew
Due in just 4ish short weeks.
The babe we have nothing ready for.
We had an ultrasound on Monday and were able to view our newest addition. He is head down: very good news because they thought he was transverse... or maybe breech.  He is, fortunately, none of the above. Head down and ready to go...or at least he feels like he is ready...he is causing me large quantities of pain... when he moves it feels like his foot, or his knee, or some other appendage or body part will just shoot right out of my side, or something. Anyway, it is very painful... and there is nothing they can do.
One reason he might be causing so much pain is because he is HUGE. Ryder is already 6 & 1/2 to 7 lbs. He is considered in the 94th percentile at this point. My Dr. brought up the subject of induction as to avoid birthing a babe the size of which might be worth mentioning on the cover of a tabloid magazine. I am fine with that... the induction part, not the part about being on the cover of a magazine in the Wal-Mart check-out lane, thankyouverymuch.

We have started moving rooms around. Our office is now in the back of our kitchen, and after this weekend the once-was-office will hopefully be painted and become Rigg's new Big Boy Room. My mom is going to help me go through clothes and wash and ready them for Ryder,as well as move Rigg's to their new location... a freshly painted lime green dresser... I know you are just as stoked as me about that!

So, to sum up: Huge baby. Causing lots of pain. Due in 4 ish short weeks. nothing done.
Mother trying not to freak about lack of preparedness.


Anonymous said...

I bet you are stressing! Just remember it will all work out. Prayers from Texas

Just Me - The Champion said...

To be quite frank... the "nesting phase" totally bites. But oh how sweet it will be when you are done, room complete (and well designed, I might add) and ready for your BIG BOY. Praying more comfort than you've had in weeks! lv, jen

Julie : ) said...

I'm catching up on blog-posts - I was 3 behind! You have been cranking them out apparently. :) So...if there are things we can do while I'm in indy to help get the room/things ready for ryder let me know - it would be fun! I'll even enlist sherwin should you have some bigger, manly projects that need to be done. :) As for you having an infant and a toddler...yes, I would be scared nothing for you with that one. (wink) - you will rock it.