Tuesday, November 2, 2010

ketchup (catch up)

Where to begin....

We had an ultrasound last Thursday. Ryder looks good and healthy and is still a boy! ( I make them check!) He does seem to be a big boy, possibly following in the steps of his big brother. Ryder is in the 86th percentile. He is weighing in at 3 pounds (and we still have 12 weeks to go.... oh boy!)
I was supposed to get my glucose test done then too, but I got sick...really sick. Turns out I had a bout of the flu. Not fun when pregnant.  I was out of commission for Thursday and Friday with a recovery day on Saturday. By Sunday Morning I was feelin' great.
I, being the sharing kinda gal that I am, have passed it on to others... Your welcome. Rigg and the Captain seem to be just fine thankyouverymuch.

The Captain had an MRI last Thursday as well (it was a strange day). We got the results back late yesterday and everything looks crystal clear! Good news... always a blessing!

Rigg was a Colts football player for Halloween. He was super cute... you'll have to trust me on that. I did bring my camera...but I forgot to charge the battery. I think the Captain might have a few pics on his phone, so maybe later...
The Captain and I joined Rigg and were a small Colts team... I wore one of Andy's jerseys... it was picture worthy, let me tell ya. I could just kick myself over the camera battery... my pregnancy brain is working overdrive lately!

I am starting to get more and more small things done for Rigg's big boy room. It is going to be an undertaking, that is for sure. We have to move all kinds of things around. Like: the office is going bye-bye and the computer is going in the kitchen and then we have to paint and... are you getting tired just reading this list? And I only have what? 80 days?

I think it is time for a nap...

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kristi said...

Wonderful news on Andy's MRI!! So happy Ryder checked out okay and you're feeling better. Was so great to see you in chicago. love you guys.