Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Baby talk

I am almost 16 weeks pregnant with baby #3.

Feelin' good now that the second trimester has single handedly vanquished my icky feelings in the evenings.

The Captain and I are super stoked about this new little life.  We chat about what the baby will look like, what its personality will be... if I will ever get a child that looks like me....

We also tease each other about who is right... we have a gender war raging in the Chastain home. I think boy... the Captain is set on girl.
We already have names picked out... so it matters not who is right, we still have a name.
The great news is we only have to wait until the19th to find out. That is when our ultrasound is scheduled! After we find out if it be a boy or if it be a girl... I will gladly share the name.

Until then I want your opinion... so cast your vote. I have a poll over to the side under our profile...let me know what you think...or what you hope for! Either way... you won't have to wait long!!!


katherine said...

i think girl, but only because you've not felt too fabulous. can't wait to find out!

Bethany said...

I'm really bad about guessing! I can't wait to hear which you're being blessed with. :)

Anonymous said...

I am more excited about hearing what unique name you've picked out :)


Just Me - The Champion said...

I giggled at your comment about your heritage of heels. I love it. I still have a blister from the shoes I ended up buying... which by the way were pretty high and I have to admit... my legs felt much longer in them. I'm not sure I'd mow the lawn in them, but it is amazing what they do to your posture and how a girl carries herself. I have very flat feet so I have a problem wish shoes anyway ;) I'm so excited. I guessed girl because I think Rigg would be an amazing big brother to a little girl. Can't wait to hear your names. PS. I've been continuing to pray for Captain. lv, jen

Anonymous said...

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