Monday, August 16, 2010

anticipation and Tarzan

So I see many of you think baby #3 might be a girl... I this wishful thinking? Are you wanting us to have a girl, or did you get some killer gut instinct when prompted to vote? Or are you just siding with the Captain?

Did you see how many days are left to vote? 3! That is also how many days are left until the ultrasound... and hopefully we can find out if we are having a girl baby or a boy baby...( I am clarifying baby because I think my dad is still holding out for a monkey!) I had multiple dreams on Saturday night about the ultrasound. Half the time it was a girl, half the time it was a boy... Even my dreams have no idea...

I started thinking we were having a boy as a defense mechanism... I know the Captain and I would like to have another girl, and I just pictured us getting all worked up for the pink and ruffles, just to be let down when they said it was a boy... and it made me sad for the baby boy... So I just started to tell myself I was having a boy... and it totally worked! I am now equally as excited to hear girl or boy!

Not only do we have a name for whichever it is, I have scoped out bedding sets and nursery ideas and have a starter plan for both! Are you getting that I am a planner and love to have a direction? I know, I am that insane pregnant lady who stands at the wall of pacifiers for a solid half an hour just trying to decide if her new baby would look best with a blue and green spoofer or if the red one would be best... CRAZY! ( and we all know I am a paci/outfit matcher... so I would end up buying both anyway...)

I am just SO excited for Thursday I cannot stand it!!!! I promise a full disclosure of info - gender, name, health, heartbeat- as soon as possible on Thursday...


Moving topics: the Big Rigg is up and walking! He took his "first" step 2 weeks ago and is now officially walking! It really did not take him long. Once he figured out that he could get our undivided attention and we would cheer for him.... he was all over it! He looks like such a big boy!

He has been so much fun lately, learning new things daily! His personality is just bursting forth and he is becoming much more verbal... still not speaking English, but man, does the kid like to talk... in whatever language he speaks!

I will leave you with a video, it is just a typical evening at home, but it makes me smile and laugh everytime I watch it!
remember to pause the music at the bottom of the screen to hear the video!


Penny said...

He is so cute. Seems like it does take a little longer for taller/bigger babies to walk~ must be a balance thing. Rigg is doing great.
My grandson was over a year before he walked, I think because his head was so big. I know, I'm not supposed to say the kid's head is large. But it is. Poor baby. lol He is, however, the cutest sweetest big-headed 18 month old boy out there. Now, that sounded more like a Mimi, didn't it? ;)

Nansie (Ahlgrim) Whitt said...

So happy to hear your pregnancy is going well! We have our big ultrasound on Thursday morning too and I just can hardly wait! Trying not to wish the week away. Can't wait to hear your news!

Julie : ) said...

so...multiple comments! here they come:

THURSDAY! Oh my...I can't wait!

Did Rigg just totally skip the crawling phase or did I just miss it? Geez! The kid looks like he's been walking for years!

How do you keep your house so clean and nice with a little kid that can now get into everything???

Pictures below are fabulous!

fyi - got a new phone (same number) but lost all my contacts so text me sometime so I can add you in (identify who you are in the text) - I've had weird interactions with a couple of creepers the last two days.... :)

Stacey said...

Today is the day! I hope all looks healthy with your baby! I'm excited to hear the name (and see which one of you was correct in gender-guessing!)

Anonymous said...
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