Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A plethera of Insta's

I have been lax in providing you with proper Insta-Fridays.
 In fact, I have noticed the absence of Rigg and Ryder pics the last few months has been shameful.

So, eager inter-webby blog stalkers,  this post shall be a feast for your eyes.
Or make your retinas bleed by the sheer number of pics I am about to post.
Either way... I am about to bring it... Insta-style.

What follows is a huge array of pics over the past few months. It should give you a sampling of what we have been up to.
 I will make commentary brief so you can get to the bottom of the post much faster.

You're welcome.

The boys are playing together more and more. Sometimes I hear sweet giggles coming from another room... sometimes it is more like this...

Some days are just hard.

Others are much better.

Ryder still falls asleep in the weirdest places. It's so cute and kinda amazing.

This kid is a CONSTANT mess. I cannot for the life of me keep him clean.
forever messy.

Both of my boys are in love with bubbles.
We even blow them in the house on occasion.

Rigg's smile might be one of the best things ever.

Rigg loves puzzles. Dude is getting good at them too.
35 piece floor puzzle... watch out! You're no match for Rigg!

forever messy

togetherness might be fun... and it is almost always dangerous.

My parents yard was a blanket of leaves a few weeks ago.
We made a pile for the kids to jump and play in.
It might have been a tad large.

We celebrated the Captain's birthday a couple weeks ago.
We didn't do much, but we did deck the halls with construction paper.
It was like a kindergarten art project threw up all over...
It was just a small way to show the Captain how much we love him.
(yeah, it's hung up with painter's tape... we're classy like that.)

Just ridin' the giraffes on the carousel.

Sharing a chair, some goldfish, and a movie...

Enjoying daddy

"Mamma, look, we're hiding!"

Bubble blowing with Pops.

Ryder likes to rub noses.
I like to too...

forever messy... branching out...

Sometimes getting them in the same frame is a victory.


And there you have it folks. Are your eyeballs all dried out?
Now you are all caught up... and you have seen enough pics of the boys to last your for DAYZZZZZ.

Happy Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

It's a start........and never enough!! Gma b

Maryellen said...

adorable boys.

I can't believe how much they have grown.

Thanks for the catch up photos

Lindsey said...

Cute, cute, cute!!!!!!

Boyka said...

Adorable, cute, wonderful!!!Thank you for the pictures, I missed them!!!
A belated Happy Birthday to dear Andy!!!

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