Monday, July 9, 2012

here here

I'm here.
Just not here here.

Life is busy.
I have pictures to post.
Stories to tell.
Ponderings and musings to share.
Lessons God is teaching me to pass on.

and yet my blog is crickets.

so, just know, I am here.
Just not here here.

I want to be here here.
 I really want to take time to sit and think out what God is teaching me... what I need to change, how I have grown lately...
This is where I used to sort those things out... whilst typing and posting.
Now I have a minute here a moment there in between diapers and toys and potty training and refrigerators breaking and AC's going out in vans...
I want to be here here

but again...

Stay with me...
Everyone says this is a season.

But rest easy friends...
I am here.

Just not here here.
Get it?

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