Monday, May 7, 2012


It has taken me over a week to get this post up.

not even kidding.

Nothing serious has hampered my posting abilities... just normal, everyday mommy-life stuff... you know, 2 littles filled to the brim with snot, a mountain of laundry - done in stages, dishes, I might have mopped the floor once... and mostly trying to keep 2, very active, little boys busy.

Which is kinda what this post is about; my crazy, loud,extremely energetic boys!

(right now, just because I want to finally post this, I am ignoring the fact that they are climbing on and jumping from the furniture...still in their PJ's...and possibly eating chocolate pop-tarts.)

Evenings around here are filled with LOUD. On good weather days we head to the park and let the boys run off some energy... and on rainy nights... like all of last week, you get a bit more creative. Like letting your husband be a jungle gym while you do dishes, peruse Pinterest and snap pictures.

During most days, the boys try to fill the time with activities of their own invention.  Their newest enjoyment is dive bombing onto the couch from the end table.  I struggled with this at first... not wanting them to climb on furniture, or fall off furniture, or push each other off furniture. Then... life swirled up around me, choosing my battles... I did not choose this one. Still not 100% sure if it was by decision or default...anyway,
 Mommy - ?, Boys - 1...

really they do a pretty good job of being careful... but then you get this...

which results in this...

And this... (stinker)

and mommy says "how 'bout we play on the cars?"
they were thrilled I tell you... thrilled.
Whatever... I saved Ryder's life... I know it.
He can thank me later.

notice how Ryder drives the car... hilarious.

And then sometimes... much to my amazement and delight... they are adorably peaceful together. Like the other day when they were having their snack... and all was quiet... and my insides froze at the realization and thought of what said silence could mean...
And then I found them like this... and my heat melted.

and I realized I could not be more blessed.

These 2 boys are amazing blessings.
Even though they do make me crazy-tired-pull-out-your-hair-crazy... I wouldn't trade it.
At least not today.


Mama_Ashley said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing. I love the ones of them being sweet together.

Julie : ) said...

so stinkin cute - i love the shot of rigg in mid air falling on the couch!

Melissa823 said...

Love these. The one with Rigg about to jump on Ryder made my heart skip a beat!!

Verna said...

Ahhh, these pictures are so adorable and I can totally relate. My own boisterous boys are now 10 and 8. And they are constantly making my heart alternate between stopping and swelling. I love being a mommy of crazy, rowdy boys.