Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I talk about important things...and then I don't

Do you ever feel like your life is super busy, but when someone asks you what's going on your mind comes up blank?

This is where I am people.

Super busy...

but blank.

Keeping up?

The past 2 weeks have been a bit of a blur. The Captain was not well.  We had issues with dosages of meds and changes of meds... and introductions and partings of meds... all in 2 weeks time... and it made for a big 'o mess.


He was reminiscent of "after-brain-surgery-Captain"  He couldn't keep up his end of a conversation. When you would talk to him he would stare at you like you were speaking Chinese... which is silly, seeing as how I do not speak Chinese. (Speaking of speaking Chinese, the last time I called and ordered Chinese take-out, my kids were screaming bloody murder very loud and the Chinese man had to ask me to repeat myself... usually it is the other way around... I digress)
Anyhoo, 2 Dr. appointments, 1 med. dropped, 1 med added, 1 med decreased dosage and a lot of prayer and waiting... and, Praise!, we have a better, coherent, understands-what's-going-on-around-him, Captain.

and 2 kiddos with colds. But really, in the grand scheme of things, colds are nothing! A Captain who is non-functioning tends to stress me out... big time.

 Mama needs a vacay!

BUT... life seems to be getting back to normal.
Which means...the laundry keeps piling, and the dishes keep stacking up. The boys laugh and whine and make HUGE messes...
and when I get on the floor to retrieve a missing pacifier from under the couch I see this...

 Clearly, Mr. Potato Head is missing his eyeballs... creepy.

I have recently joined pinterest. I came across this today and chuckeled to myself...then immediatly pinned it!

It's Ok.. I can be a big deal elsewhere as well...like to you... or whatever.

The boys are taking excellent naps...and my sister-in-law brought me a diet coke...So really, today is turing out to be a pretty good one.

Hope yours is too.


Renee said...

I thought I was the only crazy person that fills completely overwhelmed with being busy but can't for the life of me tell people what we have been doing because I draw a blank. I guess we are just busy doing life.

Julie : ) said...

hahahaha - so....i also just discovered pinterest - AMAZING - may have to go to a detox group for it - i love it! where have I been? perhaps it is new....glad to hear things are getting a bit better. Love the eyeball picture.