Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ketchup (catch-up)

Last week we had a "ice storm" here in the Midwest. We received 2-3 inches of ice and a couple of days later got just as much snow. All of this to say, me and my 2 tiny blessings have been marooned in our small bungalow for days on end.
Rigg is starting to show signs of cabin fever... all trapped and no leaving makes Rigg a rambunctious, rebellious boy! Today as I was planted firmly on my couch feeding the wee one, I heard unwelcome noises from the kitchen.  They sounded something like this: Splash, giggle-giggle, gibberish-that-is not yet-English, splash-stop-splash, giggle, gibberish, giggle, splash...
Rigg had upturned Bo's (the dog) water bowl and was merrily puddle jumping through the kitchen.

Does dog water stomped around by toddler feet equal mopping?

Sunday night I was visited by some sort of virus or food poisoning and was incredibly ill for the whole night. I am still trying to recover. My mom has the boys for a couple of hours tonight which is the only reason I was able to shower since Saturday (too much info?) and am able to write this post.

Ryder is doing well. He is still all over the place as far as sleeping during the night. He does really well for a few days and then regresses. He seems to give me anywhere from 4 to5 hours the first stretch and then only 3- 3and a half for the second. He is one squirmy kid.He loves to move around and he is really holding his head up like a champ. He is getting HUGE! Ryder has his one month check on Thursday so I will update with stats soon. He does, however, want to be held a lot.  Which might excite his Grandma's, but I find that I want to cuddle the baby on my time.. not his, which usually corresponds to times where I really should be doing something else. Like making sure Rigg stops unplugging the TV or doesn't topple over a glass of water I left on the table...or throwing toys in the toilet (Rigg, not me)
As my good friend Michele said, a day in the life of a mommy is all about putting out "fires" and squashing rebellion.

Rigg has a new favorite spot. He can now turn on the baby rumble seat and lounge while watching a video. Today he demonstrated for his Aunt Elizabeth and added talking on his "cell phone". When he does this my mind flash forwards to his teenage years. I can just see him lounging and calling friends or playing video games. And then I get sad because I know when he is a teenager he wont let me love on him. At times like this I immediately make him stop what he is doing and "give mommy kisses"... while I still can!

OK, I am going to go and make the most of my last baby free hour!


Katie said...

My older boys are 15 and they both let me love on them. :-)

Your babies are all absolutely beautiful. Thanks for updating!


Julie : ) said...

aww so sorry you've been sick! blah...no fun!

Sarah said...

You have some handsome boys!