Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday randomness

Another week has flown by... I cannot believe Ryder is 5 weeks old today! Evaluating my time management skills over the past month has me considering preperations for high school graduation parties... if I start now, I might be ready in time...

He is getting like 16 hours of sleep a day... why is HE tired?

Have you seen this kids lashes? So unfair... almost criminal.

Videos are always more enjoyable when viewed with your best friend...

I have no idea why Rigg is sporting the one sock look... or where the other sock is, and to be entirely honest... I do not really care, if he isn't bothered then neither am I.

I have been thinking and mulling ideas over in my mind for a "real" post. The problem is it takes more brain power and time then I have at the moment... hang in there with me, I might get one up soon!

Happy weekend!


Julie : ) said...

pictures are just fine! thanks :)

otherwise known as mom said...

dinosaur train must hold some sort of magical power over little youngest son LOVES that show!