Thursday, April 29, 2010

I think my dog might be Italian

Tonight I made a very delicious dinner....I can say it was delicious because it is ALL GONE and it was mostly cheese, and let's face it, anything that is mostly cheese is stinkin' good!

So as I was in the process of making said delicious dinner my jar (really a plastic tube) of Parmesan cheese, the undisputed king of Italian cheeses, stopped sprinkling. Seeing as how I was still a' shakin' the jar (plastic tube) I used my superb deductive reasoning skills to get me to the assumption that the cheese was clogged in the sprinkle holes. So I recapped the jar (plastic tube) and shook with all my might to help the clump of cheese unclump. As I was in the middle of a very believable reenactment from a scene from Cocktail, it was suddenly snowing in my kitchen. The counter, the sink, the floor...all of me, was covered in a fine dusting of the king of cheeses.

At least the clump was sufficiently unclumped.

I wiped down the counter and the sink and swept the cheese on the floor into a nice sized pile. I went ahead and finished sprinkling my delicious dish with cheese and put it in the oven. When I turned around to finish cleaning up after the freak snowstorm, I found a helpful neighbor had already plowed my to speak...

Bo, our mutt, was sitting, wagging his tail right next to the "snow" pile. By the way he was licking his chops, me thinks he wouldn't say no to a meatball.

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J. Henry said...

Bo is so cute!!! Our dog will eat ANYTHING.... lettuce, broccoli- anything!