Friday, January 24, 2014

6 years ago today

6 years ago today I became a mommy for the very first time.

Caden Joelle would have been six today.
She has been gone for so long, yet she is not only in our thoughts daily... she is the topic of many conversations in our house.
Because of Caden I can talk openly of Heaven, Jesus, and even death with my boys.
They know they have a sister...
and they know she lives with Jesus.
They know one day, if they believe in Jesus and the work He did on the cross, they will get to meet her.
Rigg was telling someone just the other day about his sister... and how he "loves her a lot."
Sweet boy.
There have been so many days when I have wished she were here... and all the little things that come along with that. Some days the sadness is still intense... but it is brief. Because God has given so much through Caden. Her life and her death have been gifts and blessings.
Because she is gone, I have a deep, deep longing for Heaven. I have a deeper faith in what God has promised. I know God can be trusted with anything... ANYTHING.
I can share with others about what God has taught me.
I can tell my children about Heaven.
About Jesus.
about life...
Caden was our first precious, sweet, snugly blessing.
A blessing that God continues to grow in ways I never could have fathomed or desired.
She is still talked about, smiled over... and rejoiced over.
Today 6 years ago God began a work He is still completing. In my life God is using my baby girl's life and death to teach me about Himself everyday.
6 years ago today my life changed for the better.
and I am so thankful.


Anonymous said...

My first thought this morning was of the day we welcomed and snuggled this precious little one........always grateful for the hope (confident reality!) of eternity. Love you. Gma b

Lindsey said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for this post.

Penny said...

I've viewed these pictures for almost six years now. I found your blog from another post asking prayer for y'all right after she died. She was and is breathtakingly beautiful! What a precious jewel waiting in Heaven for you. God bless.

leigh hopper said...

Such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful thankful for our hope in Jesus! Love & Prayers to your family today & each day you come to mind.