Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Gettin' ready...

New and exciting things await us in the next few days....

Mama's gettin' away.

A mini vacay is in store starting.... (EeeEEkKKkk!!!) tomorrow!!!
You know, just me, some of my closest friends... no kids... no husband... no responsibility... a shower EVERYDAY, hot meals eaten slowly in one sitting, focused, uninterrupted conversation, and SHOPPING....

because you should be... just a wee bit.
because it is going to be

or something to that effect...

Not only do we have Mama's "sanity saver" coming up, but we have even more exciting news.

The Captain is starting A JOB next Monday!!!

Can I get a Praise Jesus?!?

What an answer to prayer. Thank you so much for keeping my husband and my family in your prayers as we walked this interesting path the last few months.  God has been gracious to us, He has shown His loving kindness to us through you and your prayers and gifts. We have rarely had time to forget how blessed we are. And when the occasion did pop up for doubt, self-pity and stress... you all encouraged and loved on us.(or just me... I seem to be the complainer of the family)

Now... to packing!!!


Boyka said...

I am SO happy for you, and for Andi (starting a job!).
Enjoy yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome...you so deserve a break!! congrats to andy and praise God!! Have fun and enjoy every minute!!

:) linda