Monday, May 16, 2011


We've been friends almost forever. Well, really since1st and 2nd grade. But that is almost forever, right? We have shared almost everything... from clothes, to music, cars, vacations, show choir, secrets, prayers, hugs, tears, moms, beverages... probably gum... maybe a toothbrush or two... hard to say for sure, 23 years is a lot to account for.

Now we are moms... and we get to share our kids, and our lives in a whole new way.

Last week Heather and I packed up our sweet blessings and drove up to see Stacey and her 2 kids. (she moved away from town...booo!)  It was so strange to look around at these girls I have known all my life, these women who have been there for everything that means anything to me... and see our kids...playing together... running, laughing, whinning.

I am so blessed.

Stacey's husband has a farm.


And on his farm he has some pigs  thousands and thousands of pigs.
And he was kind enough to show our oh-so excited offspring.

Rigg loves animals, so I was sure he would really enjoy the baby pigs...nope. This is as close to the little tykes as he would get.

maybe it has something to do with the fact that they sound like you are ripping them to pieces when you touch them... just sayin'.

All the other kids LOVED it! (well, Ryder didn't really show an interest :) )

We spent the rest of our day playing outside, chatting and munching on some tasty lunch...All too soon it was time to load up and head for home.

We were able to get a pic of all of us and our kids. (Heather's little girl wanted to sit next to Rigg!)

And just for fun... some pictures from a high school scrapbook... Ahh, memories!
You should know, my friend Cristi is also in these pictures...and so is my friend Lauren... who doesn't have a blog.
Lauren ~ you should have a blog... just sayin'


Stacey said...

It was fun! Can't wait to do it again! Next time though I think we'll hit up my mom's was way too hot to not have a pool! okey dokey mom?! Loved the pics. So glad we are still such good friends after all these precious years! God is good to us.
love ya!

Stacey said...
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Anonymous said...

Okey dokey and I'll do lunch!! By the way, when did you girls grow up? I think I just blinked!! Mom/Gma B/Mamaw

Julie : ) said...

okay wow - i loved this post! Loved it. It gave me all sorts of thoughts/emotions. I will go in order:

EIEIO!!! Wanted to sing out loud. But Macy is sleeping....I will teach her that song today!

That is the cutest picture of Aiden ever....look at his expression? At that pig....I love it!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA That Rigg is afraid of the piggies and that makes sense that they make that you KNOW what Kreg DOES with those pigs???? I think they know....rumors spread quickly.

I love rigg's expression still in the picture where he's standing next to lilly holding the pig (group shot)

Good group shot/line up at the end - It's a little odd to see my peers with such a crew of the next generation.

Final collage - wow, brought back lots of memories....also made me glad I'm not in high school anymore!! But really thankful I had you guys in my life during that time.

Good post all around....yes.

Amanda at Shindig said...

LOVE those pigs! And I can't believe all of the kids picked them up! Thanks for sharing your link with me and I hope Rigg's party is so much fun for you all!

Penny said...

I have a best friend named Cristi, spelled the same as yours, and we've been friends longer than we always care to admit. lol Like 32 years, I think. We met in 7th grade when she moved to LA from GA. :)
Glad you got some "friend time" in. Looks like a fun reunion.