Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Big Sale

I had my first ever garage sale this past weekend. My friend Heather and I went in together for one big sale. I think it went rather well. I made some big bucks, and when all was said and done I only have 2 boxes of things left. I sold some big ticket items, including an old computer and a palm pilot. We even sold a couch. It was fun, but I am glad it is over. Friday morning Mom came over to help with the little ones. ( both Heather and I have babies under 1) Cristi came over too and dropped off some baby stuff to sell.
Mom is holding Caden, Heather is holding Lily, Cristi is holding Tristen and Maura is on her own.
Maura was very persistent in asking for her toenails to be painted...Heather being the artist that she is was the lucky winner...
A yard full of stuff...junk or treasure, take your pick.
Lily enjoyed Dads beard...I think Dad even enjoyed having it tugged on.

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